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Productive Projects to Keep You Occupied When Stuck at Home

As of writing, it has been almost a year of social distancing and staying indoors. It is vital to stay home to protect oneself and the people around, but boredom is starting to get the best of many people. It is crucial to keep oneself busy, especially during uncertain times. This can help prevent or ease stress and anxiety.

The list of possible things to do to keep one occupied during quarantine is endless. Here are home projects that will make anyone busy and looking forward to the next day.

1. Create a workspace dedicated to work and study

Many people have started working from home since the spike of the COVID-19 virus. And since not many houses are built with home offices, these work-from-home employees have been forced to redo their bedrooms to make some room for a workstation.

Lucky are those with spare bedrooms at home to start with. But those without them might need to be more creative and resourceful.

Here are what should not be missed in setting up a workstation:

  • Lighting

Avoid eye problems by having adequate lighting. Make sure the lights are bright enough to get on with work without any issues.

  • Ventilation

It can be hard to focus on the task at hand if there is no proper ventilation in a room. Open the windows and get a fan for better air circulation.

  • Temperature

The temperature of a room plays a role in a person’s work productivity. So make sure the cooling appliance is in great shape to avoid calling in for air-conditioning repair experts in the middle of a video conference with the boss.

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2. Build a home cinema

With cinemas closed, people are left with movies that can be watched only from their small TVs and laptops. People are longing for that Dolby Atmos experience already.

Just because the pandemic has changed the way people live does not mean they can’t design the same experience in the four corners of their homes.

While it is not practical to buy a 45-foot-wide screen in the living room, there are other options to have a proper cinematic experience at home. Consider these things in setting up a cinema-like right in the living room:

  • Lighting

This is what’s responsible for adding depth while watching a movie. Make the whole room as dark as possible. If the space has large windows, use dark curtains to block natural lights.

  • Surround Sound

Setting up a surround sound will need some skills in following manual directions. Fortunately, those who do not have a strong cabling game can just opt for a soundbar. Depending on the brand, these can get pretty close to the quality of the surround sound setup.

  • Screen

Depending on the budget at their disposal, they can either pick up a 4K ultra-high definition TV or a much affordable screen option—projector—for a large screen experience.

3. DIY a backyard greenhouse

Indoor plants are all over social media now. Chances are the one reading this, too, took home a baby plant or two while in quarantine. Why not take it to the level and build a greenhouse in the backyard? This project will undoubtedly make one busy, productive, and looking forward to the next day every day.

Furthermore, having a greenhouse in the yard allows homeowners to grow plants and vegetables all year round. That means non-stop supply for the household.

It will be much easier to just hire someone to build a greenhouse, but if one is looking for a way to kill boredom, many greenhouses building tutorials are available on YouTube. Plus, it is the chance to unleash the handyman in them.

While the idea is exciting, do not forget to check with the local government first if they allow such a backyard project.

For those living in apartments with no backyard to build a greenhouse in, they can take advantage of their building’s rooftops. Greenhouses do not have to be massive. It can even be a size of a dresser that apartment renters’ can place near their windows. Look around, be creative, and make use of what is already available.

There are tons of things to keep a person occupied during the quarantine. Take this quarantine as the opportunity to do the things you always wanted to do but did not have the time then.

The whole world may be in utter chaos right now, but people can still do something about it. After all, life is what people make it.

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