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Need some oral implant aftercare tips? A brief guide to help you care for your implants

So, you’ve been looking online and are now certain you know all there is to know about oral implants.

You know the different types, you are prepared for what will happen during the fitting and you even know how long the procedure will take. But what about the aftercare, and what to expect?

Like any cosmetic procedure, the aftercare, once you have had oral implants fitted, is important, to ensure that the implant site heals quickly, doesn’t get infected and to keep the implant in place. And so, it is vital to know what to expect when you have just had dental implants Melbourne, so you can assess whether they are healing on schedule, or if there is an issue.

What should you expect just after you have had dental implants fitted? Read on to find out so that you can feel confident all is going well!


While your dentist will have taken every care to make sure your jaw and gum were numb before the implant was fitted, once you get home and the numbing agent wears off, some slight discomfort will inevitably set in.

The intensity of the discomfort will vary depending on your individual pain threshold, but it should be controllable with over the counter pain relief. If you notice excessive levels of discomfort after the fitting of dental implants, contact your dentist as soon as possible for an assessment.


If you are squeamish, be aware that it is likely there will be blood!

After the implant is fitted, there will be some bleeding for the first few hours, which will gradually reduce as time passes. However, similar to the discomfort, if you notice an increase in the amount of blood, you feel weak or dizzy, then contact your dental team as you may have an infection.

Assuming your blood loss is normal, simply place some gauze in your mouth to stem the flow as and when it occurs. Refrain from using cotton wool, as this can stick to the gum and cause further issues with healing and cleaning. The bleed should slow and turn to a trickle over the following days, assuming you eat soft foods and avoid knocking it!

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It is perfectly normal to experience swelling following the fitting of an oral implant.

Like the bleeding and the discomfort, this should fade after the first few days. If you notice that the swelling has a blue, purple or yellow tint along with discomfort, it is likely you have an infection near the implant site. In this eventuality, contact your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment.


One thing many oral implant patients are surprised by is how fatigued they feel after the implant is fitted.

Your body has to heal and has undergone a fair amount of hassle to fit that implant to your jaw, so feeling fatigue in the first few days post-fitting should be expected. But, once again, if you notice the fatigue worsening alongside a sudden fever, pain and excessive bleeding, seek urgent medical advice.


Any surgery or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified practitioner.


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