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The Newest Levels in Gaming: Make Digital Competition Fun for Gamers

Gaming has become a normal thing for everyone since the first video gamesmade their debut in the 1980s. When once it was more for teens, gaming has captured a market that includes every demographic. There are mobile games, desktop games, and online games where casual gamers mix with hardcore gamers. Enjoying games is now part of our daily leisure, but that does not mean relaxation ends there. You could improve your gaming experience with these adjustments.


Newer games will often have better graphics and higher requirements. You’ll need at least 4GB on your graphics card to run them properly — maybe more if you want to see individual blades of grass moving as your character runs across the fields. Don’t bother ramping the FPS over 60 as the human eye can only process around 30-60 frames per second. Any higher will be a waste and could even trigger seizures. Combined with 16 GB of RAM, your gaming setup should smoothly handle almost every game available. Get a monitor that runs at least at 75 Hz and at least 1080 resolution.

Depending on how close you are to your monitor, you might want to hold off on the ultra-wide screens as you might miss a lot of action. An extra monitor won’t be of much use. Although multi-monitor setups have been around since Doom, very few games will use an extra monitor for anything but maps or inventory. However, if you’re playing a lot of flight simulators or racing games, it might be good to invest in a couple of extra monitors for more realistic perspectives.


If you want to be an actual part of the game, nothing beats VR. Cast spells in Skyrim, go on adventures with Rick and Morty, survive a post-apocalyptic world in Fallout, or just use lightsabers on a musical rhythm game. Most VR gear will have more or less the same specs, but you might want to get the HTC Vive just for Fallout. Playing on VR allows you to be a bit more active compared to your usual gaming sessions. You can even buy additional trackers for your feet to simulate walking and running.

The game “The Path of Greatest Resistance” even allows you to walk on a treadmill as you shoot your enemies. For $2,000, you can get an actual virtual treadmill. While not actually treadmills, these devices allow you to walk in a sliding or slippery platform (while tethered to a support post) to simulate movement. There are very few titles for treadmill games — however, they can be the most immersive games you can play. You can even take it outside and head to an actual virtual reality theme park. Not the kind where they strap a VR headset as you go on rides, but actual VR parks where you walk around a given map and interact with objects around you.

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If gaming is your time to relax, take your relaxation to the next level with a proper gaming chair. You can get more than Pewdiepie’s $399 gaming chair — especially at that price. You can get a Predator gaming chair with back massagers for less than $400. Of course, there are massage chairs like OSIM that could give your sore muscles the kind of attention they need once you’ve completed your gaming sessions. These chairs help relax tense shoulder and back muscles, which for many gamers is a common ailment.

Earn Some Extra Cash

If you have the charisma and the drive, you might even get to earn a few bucks while gaming. From children to grandmas, gamers are streaming their games and getting paid to do it. Pewdiepie started off playing games on YouTube, garnering millions of followers and earning millions of dollars. Most gamers won’t reach that amount of money, but it isn’t rare for popular Twitch streamers to get $5,000 a month for 40 hours of gaming. Aside from fan donations, Twitch pays $3.50 for every 1,000 views.

You can earn extra if you catch the eye of advertisers or through personal sponsorship contracts. Target a niche, plan your persona, and make your streams lively and interesting. You’ll need an extra monitor to keep up with chats and see your own stream, and a proper room can make you appear more competent and professional. Stream as a hobby, as a side gig, or full-time if the money allows. Just make sure to pick games you actually enjoy.

There are different sorts of gamers as well as motivations to play games. Be competitive, casual, immersed, or relaxed. Make your setup match your mood and make the most of your time gaming.


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