Immersive Computer Simulations That Turn Outdoor Activities into Digital Games

Incorporating digital counterparts into outdoor activities isn’t new. Since the release of Atari to NES and finally to VR, sports game has been a staple in the gaming industry. Many digital games try to virtualize football, baseball, basketball, and more. However, all of these require the use of a console controller or a mouse and keyboard; almost none of them imitates or utilizes a sports instrument you can hold.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of ways we can experience outdoor activities in the virtual space. The rapid development of VR headsets, game consoles, advanced motion-sensing technology, and software has made old sports games a thing of the past. Nowadays, we can play virtual games that completely immerse our senses through VR games and realistic digital simulations. Listed below are ways to improve your skills using computer simulations.

Indoor Simulation Rooms

Golfers and any other sports enthusiast would benefit from an indoor sports simulator at the comfort of their home. However, pimping out an indoor sports simulator has a steep price tag. That’s why, if you have always wanted to play golf indoors but are too afraid to make a mess or currently lack space and funds, you can visit indoor simulation rooms that have your preferred outdoor activity. Furthermore, indoor simulation rooms offer the following actions:

  • Sports simulation. Since indoor simulation rooms have sports in mind, most facilities offer a plethora of sports games. You can play simulations for football, tennis, golf, softball, archery, handball, baseball, volleyball, and more. In addition to that, most facilities offer game challenges and different sporting venues that provide realism to the game.
  • Shooting simulation. Albeit rare, indoor simulation rooms now offer shooting simulation games that let the player use a dummy pistol or riffle that they can use in hunting, sporting, and target game modes. Often, hunting simulation games offer bird, boar, dear, or hare hunts that mimics the animal and its environment.
  • Flight and racing simulation. Indoor flight simulation rooms elevate the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience by using realistic flight controllers and moving chairs. Similarly, racing simulators offer original steering wheels, gas and brake pads, moving chairs, and clutch control.

Indoor simulation rooms are a marvel to play at through immersion. Simulator games mimic every detail that convinces players they’re experiencing the real deal. Indoor simulation rooms employ the use of a high-definition camera that tracks the movements of the player. The game can “see” every swing, kick, or throw off the player, and the software responds correspondingly through the cameras. Indoor simulation rooms also use IR lighting units and simulator cages that use infrared light to track the soccer ball or any equipment used in the sport. Lastly, simulation rooms use powerful computers and 4K projectors to deliver unparalleled image quality and performance. Through these tools, simulation rooms can offer a top-of-the-line experience to all players interested in playing indoors.

VR Games

If you’re interested in playing in the comfort of your home, consider VR games. Nowadays, VR headsets and a compatible computer or console are widespread and readily available compared to indoor simulation rooms. Furthermore, VR games offer more than sports games. There are VR RPG games, Social VR games, and more. Hence, if you want to elevate your living room experience, consider these games:

  • The Climb 2. If you’re a hiker or a mountain climber, this game should be on top of your list. As its name suggests, The Climb 2 is a game all about climbing mountains, exploring caves, and competing for your time of the summit. Playing this game on your TV is fun, but with VR, the game shines through. With gorgeous graphics and realistic controls, you can feel as if you’re climbing a real mountain with tight maneuvers and tiring arm workouts.
  • The Thrill of the Fight. If you’re looking for a realistic boxing game, look no further. The Thrill of the fight is a boxing game that realistically follows your movements in VR. Furthermore, this game forces you to analyze your position and movement while expecting you to counter your opponent’s punches by ducking and dodging. Take note; you need to have at least a 5×5 space to play properly and avoid destruction in your room.
  • QuiVr. If you’re an aspiring archer or a professional, you’ll have to try QuiVr. This fantasy-based archery simulation game lets you defend and attack enemies while defending your fort. In addition to that, this game has multiplayer support to let you play with friends and compare scores.

Whether you’re looking to break a sweat or revitalize your love for the sport, there are digital counterparts that let you play your favorite game at home through VR. Consequently, if you want to immerse yourself in the game entirely, you can try indoor simulation rooms that aim to provide an authentic experience.

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