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Make a Lasting Relationship with These Expert Tips

What is the secret to a lasting relationship? When it comes to marriage, prevention is better than cure. It’s easier to prevent a break up than to fix it afterward. That said, experts weighed in on how couples can keep their marriage going. Below, we round up some expert advice that you can take to prevent your relationship from turning sour.


Sometimes, men can get hooked up into finding a solution to every problem. But you have to know that sometimes, all you need is to understand your partner. Learn how to not argue but really listen to your partner. Ask her about the problem and sympathize with her. Go beyond the surface of the problem and find out the source of her anger and pain. This gives your girl the right signal that you really want to understand how she feels and give what she needs.

Keep the curiosity alive

Don’t assume you know everything about your partner. You always have to be curious with him, which means you have to be curious about his world. Stop assuming that you know what he is thinking, feeling, and experiencing. When you assume, you prevent the chance of knowing who your partner really is. Curiosity is an essential block of every relationship, and it invites you to look deeply into your partner’s mind. Always be curious so you can have a more open mind.

Be intimate

When you have children, it’s easy to lose focus on being good partners when you’re busy doing your responsibilities as parents. You get caught up in chores that you don’t have enough time for each other. Remember that sexual intimacy is important to keep your relationship strong. Physical touch plays a critical role in a lasting marriage as it stimulates the release of oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for mother-child bonding, which also strengthens the bond with your partner. Don’t forget to spend time together, schedule date, and hug your partner often.


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Couples get into a relationship to feel loved and appreciated. Appreciation is one key to deepen your connection. However, couples easily lose this act as they stay longer together. If you want your relationship to last, be appreciative of even the littlest things. You can express your appreciation in different ways. From kind words, surprise gifts, and even simple thank you’s, you can make your partner feel loved.

Seek counseling

When all else fails, ask the assistance of a therapist or coach. Seeking relationship counseling in Salt Lake City, Utah helps you deal with issues that you and your partner can’t solve together. A skilled counselor can establish a forum wherein you can express your concerns freely. He can help you overcome your fears of sharing something that you want your partner to know, equipping you with the right tools to help you communicate with each other.

Constant communication, intimacy, and appreciation are some of the building blocks of a lasting relationship. The longer you stay together with your partner, the more you should work on these acts to keep the fire burning within yourselves. And when it gets tougher to deal with the ups and downs of your relationship, you can always seek the help of a professional counselor to help you get through it.

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