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Maintain Your Mental Wellness and Health in a Time of Isolation

Life is unpredictable. Everyone knows it, but not everyone is ready for it. You can predict what will happen, but miscalculation is unavoidable. The same goes for the moment you finally financially stable. You decide to buy a house of your own. You can live far from your parents and without a housemate.

Living alone in their own house is a pride to many people. It is a sign of success and achievement. But the struggle and the risk of living alone awaits. If the only thing in your mind before buying a new house is about the mortgage payment, probably, you won’t be ready for this. Here are some of the common struggles of living alone and how to overcome them.

The creeping loneliness.

The main difference between living alone and with your housemate or family is, you know that no one is waiting for you in your home. The feeling of coming back home without anyone greeting you might hit you differently. It will make you feel lonely.

You may get through the first or the second week. But eventually, the loneliness will cause you harm. On some occasions, loneliness will increase your stress level and even accelerating a progressive brain disease, such as Alzheimer’s. Loneliness will also lead someone to depression and substance abuse. Therefore, loneliness is the least feeling that you want.

These are the solutions to overcome your loneliness.

  1. Get yourself a pet. It will bring joy and provide you companionship. If you are unsure about your ability to train your pet, adopt the trained pet, or hire a pet trainer. Although the feeling of training your pet can be very satisfying, a trainer is your shortcut for busy people.
  2. Connect with the local community. Moving into a new house and living alone doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself from the local community. The first big step to socialize is to get to know your neighbors. Let them know that you are moving in. It is because they will be the first people who have the closest access to your house.
  3. Make a daily call. Keep your relation tight with your family or other relatives. With the advancement of technology, you can feel someone’s presence near you even when they are far away. Keep them updated about your well-being and stay in contact with them to keep the feeling of loneliness away.

The unexpected medical emergency.

A medical emergency can happen to everyone. Even without any history of chronic disease beforehand, everyone is not an exception. One day you can fall into your bathroom, and no one is noticing that. You can unexpectedly fall from the stairs, and unable to get up while calling for help can be useless.

Many other medical emergencies might happen to you when you are living alone. It is essential to prevent the situation becomes worse.

Here are the solutions to prevent and overcome the medical emergency.

  1. Install a non-skid mat. It might feel uncomfortable to step on the non-skid mat, but this is very important to prevent you from slipping. In particular, in the bathroom.
  2. Install the grab-bars. You might think that the grab bars decrease the aesthetic of your home. Nevertheless, it is necessary for your safety. Take note that you can always choose the color to match your home design. It will balance the aesthetic and security level.
  3. Wear a medical alert bracelet. Yes, usually, the elderly use this bracelet. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to protect yourself. If you want to take maximum measurements for your safety, a medical alert system will allow you to summon assistance in an emergency.

The unexpected accidents.

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You have to admit that some people are forgetful. No matter how many years old they are, they can forget to do important stuff. It is a nightmare when you wake up to a flooded bathroom. Or, when you go home from the gym and find your kitchen is on fire.

It is because you forget to turn off the stove or the water tap (or maybe, it is because of the damage in your pipes). When it happens, you can call the fire and flood restoration service to fix your house.

But how to prevent them?

Technology is the solution to prevent those accidents.

  1. Install water sensors or flood detection systems. It will alert you if there is a water leak in your house. It has a water detection system to protect your home from flooding because of the water leak.
  2. Install fire and smoke detectors in your house. Make sure to check that they are functioning. It is because fire can spread very fast and life-threatening.
  3. Upgrade your house to a smart home. A smart home will immediately take care of the alerts from the water or fire detector system. It can react quicker than you and protect your house even when you are not home. Therefore, it is helpful for someone who lives alone to upgrade their house into a smart home.

Maybe you can adapt to the new living environment and find it easy to live by yourself. It is because some people enjoy living alone without being disturbed by their surroundings. It creates a safe space for their privacy. Nevertheless, unexpected accidents and medical emergencies might occur. You have to prepare preventive action for your self-assurance. Upgrade your house if necessary. The priority is your safety.

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