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Home Self-Care: Why Pampering Ourselves Is Vital amid the Pandemic

The economic impact of the pandemic has left countless people stressed out. Every day, workers worry about their income, business owners fear for the survival of their enterprises, and work-from-home parents juggle between their jobs and housework.

As such, we can’t help but sink into a pit of despair. The last “normal” thing we did was at least six months ago, and until now, the future remains uncertain.

Understandably, this has caused many to neglect self-care. Even us who routinely visit spas may have stopped pampering ourselves, too. And for those that are already suffering from poor mental health, the effects of the pandemic are more alarming.

Clinical psychologist Melissa A. Jones, Ph.D., HSPP, shared that she’s had patients report about not having enough energy to brush their teeth or wash their hair. Skipping these simple self-care practices poses a danger to our well-being and overall health.

That said, let’s pick ourselves up again and learn how to set up a spa at home:

Make Time for Complete Solitude

Privacy and solitude are highly essential in the spa experience. But aside from isolating yourself from your roommates or family, you should also put your phone into voice mail and hush your notifications. That won’t be a time to answer emails, either.

If you don’t have space to enjoy the quiet, the bathroom can suffice. It’s an ideal place because of the bath or hot tub. Exfoliate your skin while bathing, then moisturize your whole body. This simple routine can make a big difference in the way you feel after getting out of the bath.

Light some scented candles while enjoying your solitude. That sets the moods and instantly lulls you into relaxing.

Play Calming Music

Soft, soothing tunes are a statement in spas. Create a playlist of your favorite calming music and let their melodies fill your quiet space. If you live with others, the music will drown out their noises, allowing you to focus on your self-pampering better. And while having your mind freed up, consider doing so with a hydrating face mask.

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Stock Up on Self-Care Products

To bring the spa at home, stock up on bath products and other accessories that can enhance the experience. Give your body some TLC from head to toe.

Treat your tresses with a hair mask to reverse the effects of the frequent styling you do. Wash your face with your usual cleanser, but apply an extra product afterward, like hydrating or glowing drops. Then scrub your whole body to get rid of the dead skin cells. Tweaking your self-care routine like this honestly makes it feel like you’ve gone to the spa.

And of course, no spa experience is complete without aromatherapy. If you think scented candles are a bit dangerous, use essential oils instead. You can rub a few drops on your hand, then breathe in the scent deeply several times. Or use a diffuser to fill the air with a relaxing aroma.


Since you haven’t been going out, chances are you’re long overdue for a mani-pedi. Apply a conditioning cream on your hands and feet before painting your nails.

Get a Massage

If you can’t convince your spouse to give you a massage, invest in a stellar massage chair. Run it for a few minutes, and you’d feel like you’ve received a thorough full-body massage. A massage chair is also effective for pain relief, so it’s useful if you have a chronic health condition.

Pampering ourselves may not result in a boosted immune system, but the stress it takes away contributes to good well-being. And when chronic stress is treated, our health consequently improves.

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