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Love at a Time of COVID-19: Tips to Pull off a Coronavirus Wedding

Saying ‘I do’ on your special day doesn’t always turn out exactly as planned, especially when a pandemic is on the rise, forcing couples to rethink their initial plans and make significant adjustments. Although you can still have your nuptials in person in a COVID extra-mile venue, be prepared to be faced with limited choices of flower arrangements, wedding dresses, tux, and guest list on your special day.

As they say, the show must go on. Whether that means a makeshift wedding cake or having a socially-distanced entourage, here are some tips to safely pull off your dream wedding during the global pandemic.

Understand Current Social Distancing Guidelines

Couples that are thinking of having a wedding amidst the pandemic should be aware of the current regulations of their areas. Different locations have different protocols, so before buying your dream dress, ensure you understand your local social distancing guidelines. Most countries still prohibit gatherings of any kind until further notice.

Even if you are planning a wedding for several months in the future, it’s essential to be up-to-date with logistical issues caused by the type of restrictions that might still be in place.

Order Your Wedding Dress Online

Everyone in any industry is struggling due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop for your dream wedding dress. For now, you can opt for browsing online stores for your wedding dress. You can start by identifying silhouettes and unique components that you want your dress to have, and if you find something that you love, find out what the policies the seller has. Despite the pandemic, most online stores can make your dream wedding dress in a couple of months.

Rent Tuxedos and Suits Online

We can’t forget about the groom, and gentlemen can find their tuxes on many online stores. You can rent the highest quality tuxedos and suits without having to visit a physical store. Most online stores will ask for your specific measurements and help you find the right outfit to ensure you look picture-perfect during your special day, and it also saves you from those awkward measuring tape moments.

Go Virtual

If you live in an area where like many, still prohibit any gatherings, be creative, and hold your very own virtual wedding. Online weddings are becoming a popular trend recently, with couples holding their ceremonies on services like Zoom and having their guests online in different locations. However, if you are having a physical wedding ceremony, you can stream the ceremony online for guests who cannot attend.

Consider Safety Protocols

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For couples that want to hold their weddings in physical venues, consider implementing stringent safety protocols. These include prohibiting guests who have experienced fever or flu-like symptoms 96 hours before the event or have traveled out of the country for the last two weeks. It’s best to implement a no-touch policy throughout the ceremony, including shaking hands, kissing, or hugging. Venues should also provide several portable sanitizing stations at all entrances and exits of the premises.

The event staff should work with the ceremony and wedding venue to ensure that everything within the location is cleaned and sanitized, including doors, railings, microphones, and other community objects.

If you are and your partner are considering having a wedding amidst the pandemic, it’s best to keep things simple, whether you’re holding your ceremony online or in a small location. You can always marry now and celebrate later; either way, you are blessed with eternal love and togetherness with your soulmate.

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