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Here’s why you need to look after your smile

Whether you are in the group that favours the perspective that smiling is an involuntary response or of the opinion that there is more intent to cracking into a smile, one fact remains – there is no denying the huge rewards smiling offers the body and mind. Turning up the corners of the mouth into an eye-crinkling smile is an invitation to one’s personal health and enhances the mood of others.

The variety of positive ways that a smile can impact health (physical, mental and emotional) makes for a compelling argument for us to smile more. One UK poll that investigated the effects of smiling found that 50 per cent of the respondents admitted to not smiling “as much as we could do” and as many as 75 per cent would like everyone to smile more often.

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Ways a healthy smile benefits you

The first compelling reason to smile is its admirable effects on longevity – those who smile more are more likely to live longer. This is not so hard to accept considering the positive effects smiling has on the body: lowers stress levels, lowers blood pressure, aids in pain relief, boosts the immune system and enhances mood. Lowered stress levels and a stronger immune system work as a united front to promote health and longevity.

Smiling provokes the brain to ramp up the production of happy-feeling chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. The more of these neurotransmitters we produce, the more positive, joyful and relaxed we feel – feelings that contribute greatly to a happier and healthier heart.

In addition, to directly benefit the physical body, these neurotransmitters benefit psychosocial health. By stimulating the production of neurotransmitters, smiling helps us feel more positive – a trait that helps to secure our successes in life. From a positive outlook to a positively glowing smile, positivity is the key to unlocking opportunities.

Positivity, like genuine smiles, is infectious, we all love being around positive people. Smile, and you are more likely to enjoy a much-envied healthy social life.

Ever wondered what is driving the popularity of teeth-straightening treatments such as Invisalign St Albans? The answer is simple – the need to look good. Smiling holds a strong influence over how attractive we come across to others, and physical attractiveness opens the door to others forming positive first impressions. Our society has us favouring the good looking with those deemed attractive seeming to have the edge over those with less desirable looks. A cursory glance at an attractive person persuades us that the person is intelligent, kind, friendly and capable even if they had not spoken a word. Life is more rewarding for the beautiful, whether it be in the professional workplace or the romance department.

Of course, it would help to have an attractive smile to smile more readily and more often. Fortunately, for those who have issues they are embarrassed about regarding their smiles, there are orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatments dedicated to correcting dental flaws that detract from a beautiful smile. A professional consultation at a reputable dental practice with an experienced dentist can provide a patient with appropriate treatment suggestions to create a designer-like smile.

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