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Buying a Pre-Loved Wedding Dress: What to Keep in Mind

These days, more people are becoming a lot more conscious about the environment and what they can do to help save it. This is the main reason weddings are now more eco-friendly, with couples using second-hand items to reduce the possibility of wastage.

Aside from helping save the environment, you also get to save a lot of money when you decide to just rent your wedding attires instead of buying or having a custom one made. Below, we will give you a few things you must remember when buying second-hand or pre-loved wedding gowns in Provo or anywhere in Utah.

See if it has been drycleaned

Take a close look at the wedding gown and see if it has been properly drycleaned by the previous owner or the shop that you are buying it from. This is especially important if the previous wedding was held outdoors, as walking on the ground during a rainy day (or even a dry one) can leave stubborn stains and marks on the wedding gown.

Check the bottom of the gown thoroughly, as you might see stains here. You can also ask the previous owner if they’ve had it drycleaned prior to selling the dress.

Ask if it has been altered or repaired

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The seller might claim that the wedding gown or dress’ size is a size 10, which would sound perfect for you, but they might have had alterations or adjustments done to it, making the gown a lot bigger or smaller than it actually is.

Ask the previous owner or seller if they’ve had the dress altered before, and ask which areas were altered or repaired. It would be best if you can see the gown in person, so you can easily fit it and have it repaired if need be.

Think about the comfort and underwear

The last thing that you would want during your wedding day is to be uncomfortable because of your wedding gown. Some wedding gowns can have thin fabric, thus making it uncomfortable to wear. Also, if the gown was previously altered, then chances are you would find some areas a bit too loose or tight for you. Ask the previous owner whether she’s had difficulties when wearing it and if she felt comfortable during her wedding day.

Prioritize your preference over the price

Yes, it might be tempting to buy a dress just because it’s a good deal, but you should never get a wedding dress just because you think it’s a great bargain. You should get the wedding gown of your dreams while considering your budget. With hundreds of wedding gown sellers out there, you can surely find the wedding gown of your dreams for a great price. Who knows, the seller might even give you a discount for it.

You can always decide to sell your dress after the wedding and pass it on to another bride-to-be. This is an amazing way to help save the Earth and lessen wastage. Good luck and may you have the best wedding!

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