How to Hide Your Unsightly Boiler at Home

Having a boiler at home is important. It keeps you warm, gives you warm water for bathing, and even provides electricity to some households. However, we all have to admit that this device is not pretty to look at.

Fortunately, there are ways to cover it up so that you will not have to see it, but you could still access it easily. Here are some tips for covering up your boiler.

Paint over it

The easiest way to cover up your boiler is to paint over it and use the design of your walls on it. This will look good if your boiler is located in your kitchen. If your kitchen walls have a trendy pattern, you can use the same design on your boiler like a camouflage.

Just be sure to use the following materials as your paint: enamel, powder coating, or high heat sprays. These materials are good for boilers because the intense heat coming from that device will not melt or chip away the paint.

You can even ask your kids to join in the fun and let them create their own drawings on the boiler. Not only will you make your boiler prettier, but you will also get to have fun with your children.

Make a cupboard


You can also hide your boiler inside a cupboard. You can either hire a professional carpenter to build a cupboard around your boiler or do it yourself. If you want to go the DIY route, measure the boiler’s dimensions and use wooden boards that are capable of enduring intense heat.

You should also give your boiler enough space for it to be properly ventilated. If you do not, your boiler might overheat and you are going to need boiler repair experts from Provo, Utah.

So, when you start building your cupboard, add 50mm of space between it and the boiler. Also, do not enclose the boiler completely. You can add some space at the bottom of the boiler and at the top so that air can come in freely.

Decorate the boiler pipes

Once you have hidden your boiler, you can start working on its pipes. What you can do is use the design of your walls and paint that over the pipes to camouflage them.

Some people also have the cool idea of installing light bulbs on their pipes. Install six-inch pipes after every 12 inches of the boiler pipes. Then, attach light bulbs on the tips of those six-inch pipes.

If that is not to your liking, maybe you would like to use your boiler pipes as a decoration. Hire a professional to create shapes using your boiler pipes. That way, even if your pipes are right there on the wall, they will not look unsightly to you or your guests.

These are just some of the ways you can hide your boiler or make it more appealing to the eyes. As long as you let your imagination run wild, you can turn your boiler from being the least attractive part of your house to being one of the prettiest ornaments in your home.

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