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How Much Should You Spend on Sewer Line Maintenance?

The average cost of sewer line cleaning in Park City, Utah, can range from $100 to $900. This falls within the national average rate for 2019, although certain factors can affect the actual price.

If you need sewer rodding, the minimum price starts at $850 in the city. Most homeowners, however, spend around $2,400 for this service. Sewer line maintenance is essential despite the steep cost, as replacements are more expensive that costs up to $3,300.

What’s the Difference between Rodding and Hydro Jetting?

Rodding, which is also known as snaking, involves the use of a snake line and auger to remove clogs and sewage back-up. Homeowners in Park City should expect the average rate of $2,400 for a full-sewer snaking to resolve small- and mid-scale problems. If you regularly hire a plumber to inspect the pipes, you’ll likely spend up to $250 for this service to clear debris before it can increase in size. Sewer rodding for main sewer lines will be twice as expensive.

Hydro jetting does a better job at removing clogs and debris in exchange for a higher price. This can cost up to $600 on average. The process requires a high-pressure hose with custom tips that will flush out built-up clogs. It’s also a good option even if you need to clear residual dirt in sewer pipes. You might need a video inspection before asking a plumber to use hydro jets, as highly pressurized water can damage old pipes.

What Is a Video Inspection?

Plumbers use a tiny video camera attached on the drill’s end to have a closer look at the inside of a sewer line. The price varies for the scope of service and usually ranges from $250 to $500. You should consider asking for a copy of the recorded video. This helps you to decide whether or not hydro jetting is a better choice.

A video inspection comes in handy when you’re sure about keeping sewer lines free from dirt build-up. For instance, there might be tree roots that found their way inside the pipes.

When Should You Replace Sewer Lines?

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A line replacement might be necessary if you often experience problems with your sewage system. While pipes are designed to last for several years, there are cases when only a replacement will get rid of the problem. An example includes foul odors around the house, which can be a health risk if left ignored for too long.

Homes that are built in the 1970s or earlier should also consider a sewer line replacement. Most homeowners’ insurance policies won’t cover this expense, but you should still ask your provider if there’s an exception to coverage exclusions.

Regular maintenance at least once a year for sewer lines prevents costly repairs for clogged sewers. If you have to call a plumber at least once every month for repairs, it might be better to replace the pipes as frequent repairs can indicate structural problems. Consult at least three different contractors to know your options for replacements or sewer line cleaning in Park City, Utah.

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