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To A Healthier You

In recent years, we see the rise of disparate diseases. Kids develop diseases that we used to think only affect adults. These ailments are debilitating. It can cut off such young lives.

Since we are used to fast food, our lifestyle will take a lot of discipline. Fortunately, progressive thinkers likewise adapt to a healthier and more robust habit.

This shift will only benefit us. It will enhance our quality of living and lengthen our lifespans. But some are hesitant about these changes because they appear difficult to maintain.  If you are of these people, pay close attention to this article.


We are what we eat. Whether this principle is accurate, our food impacts our overall well-being. No amount of care on our daily menu can help us attain the daily nutritional requirements. This concept is the reason why scientists have developed supplements.

Capsulized vitamins and minerals augment what is lacking in our food. It also balances out compounds in our bodies. We become healthier because of this phenomenon.

For example, you suffer from severe gout. Your doctor might recommend a uric acid support supplement. This type of maintenance will cure the root cause of your pain. This medication is a better option than taking pain killers that will only give temporary pain alleviation.

If you are taking up a maintenance medicine, you must consult your doctor about taking certain supplements. It might not work well with your medication.

Let us take glucosamine as an example. You might have heard that it is effective in relieving joint pains. Before purchasing one, you can ask your physician if it is safe to take especially if you are taking blood-thinning medication.

Physical Activity

WHO published an article about a sedentary lifestyle. This piece enumerates its numerous harmful effects. WHO also included several general suggestions on how to combat it. They mentioned physical activity as a solution.

You do not need to start a rigorous exercise regimen. You can start with simple yoga poses or Pilates moves. Then you can move to more advanced techniques. You can do either of these two at the comfort of your home.

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Let us start with yoga. Some people have the notion that this involves acrobatic-like poses. Although yoga can make you flexible, you will start with easier positions. Here are some of them:

  • Mountain Pose – This position is the easiest of the lot. It is the basis for most yoga poses. It relaxes you because you are focused on the present moment.
  • Chair Pose – Take a breath before moving on to this position. This position will strengthen your back and shoulders.
  • Child’s Pose – The mountain pose can be the basis for other yoga techniques. But a child’s pose can be your default transition position. It will help you gather your breath before you move on.
  • Triangle Pose – If you are looking for a way to increase your mobility, you should try this one. It will also help you build your endurance. But you should skip this position if you have low blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, you should gaze downward and not upward.
  • Corpse Pose – Most yoga sessions culminate in this position. It will allow you to relax. This pose teaches practitioners the virtue of patience.


Above all, you must not forget the importance of sleep. Sleep deprivation brings out all sorts of ailments. The government published a study about the connection between lack of sleep and obesity.

Our bodies need sleeping to recharge. Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep. Children require more.

Sadly, some things that can prevent us from getting the required amount of sleep. If you are having problems sleeping at night, here are some tips to get that much-needed sleep:

  • You should avoid caffeine after 3 PM. Our body needs at least six hours to metabolize caffeine. If you drink coffee at 6 PM, it means that your brain remains active at 12 MN.
  • Avoid gadgets when you are in bed. They emit blue light, which affects your circadian rhythm. It lessens your sleeping hormones.
  • You should establish a sleeping pattern. Doing this helps your body to adjust to the sunrise and sunset.
  • You can also try taking melatonin. It is the predominant sleeping hormone. It is an over-the-counter supplement that can help you sleep.

Together with a balanced diet, these tips can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. After a few weeks, you will feel rejuvenated – physically and mentally. This feeling should encourage you to continue with your new habits.

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