Does Your Mover Include the Following Fees in Moving Costs? Check

Moving can be fun. Moving can be exciting. Moving can be cheap. But, for the latter, there are times that that is never the case. Your mover hands you an invoice of a provisional amount that the moving could cost. But, that’s just it—a provisional sum. What most of these do not tell you is that these fees only covers moving your already-packed items from your current to your next place of residence.

It is until you work with reputable cross-country moving companies that you will understand that comprehensive moving fees should also include the following:

Parking fees

It’s a cross-country move. So, most probably, you will make many stops along the way to snack, refuel, or rest. In that, you must outline the specific areas that you will do all these activities that are outside your moving activity. From that, you can tell the locations at which you will require to pay parking fees. Also, ensure that you follow parking regulations of the particular state and city in which you will be parking.

Storage fees

Mover inspecting boxes

In some instances, your landlord/lady could require you to move from your place of residence in short notice. You also may choose to terminate your tenancy while still waiting to confirm or process your next place of residence. In both situations, you will need to store your items temporarily before your actual move. Most movers will not include that in the moving fees unless you mention it. So, from the moment go, be clear on whether you will require temporary storage. Your mover is the best person to handle that, and they probably will offer you a considerable discount, instead of hiring a separate storage company.

Packing fees

Packing involves a lot more than just putting items in moving boxes. There is sorting by size, the rooms you are to place them in, and use. There also is labeling to do to ensure that you pack the boxes the right side up and that you identify fragile items easily and quickly. You also should detach electricals appliances from power sources right and provide enough foam padding or paper cushioning to reduce breakages. Doing this all by yourself can be tedious, and you may miss out crucial packing steps. Entrust your mover to handle that professionally.

Unpacking fees

Couple unpacking boxes

Just as is with packing, unpacking will need professional help. That is especially so when moving bulky and fragile items, which are at a high risk of breakage should you handle them inappropriately. Your mover is also responsible for installing your electrical appliances following the installation guide.

Do not wait until the last minute to inquire whether the stated moving fees cover all services that you could need when moving cross country. Reputable moving companies will, first off, outline all the services that moving cross country includes. From that, they will require you to confirm the particular services from these that you could need and for which you are willing to cover. And, that becomes all that you are to pay for your cross-country moving…without hidden charges.

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