Plan Your Trip Right: 3 Tips on Your Next Ski Resort Holiday

You’ve been planning this for months. Unless you’re suddenly wheeled-in to a hospital operating room for shoulder replacement surgery or some other invasive medical procedure, you’re going! Notwithstanding the risk of a wrist or shoulder injuries, associated in high-impact sports like skiing and snowboarding, you’re packing those gears.

Besides, you’ve done your initial research, and there are highly specialized hospitals and doctors in towns such as Provo and Orem to attend to you should something unfortunate happen. But enough with the gloom and doom part. You want this trip to be that amazing event in your life. So, the following are insights to help you achieve that memorable vacation. Preparation is key not only what to do before the trip but also in case something unfortunate happens.

Research First Before Selecting Your Resort Venue

Mountains, snow, gears, restaurants, and hotels. The checklist seems to be simple enough. It doesn’t take much to get the help that you need to set your plan straight. Go on-line and do your research. Are you planning to be a future hardcore snowboarder? Are you traveling with your family or with your sweetheart? Websites can guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate get-away for you. They have categorized plans as “Family,” “Couples Getaway,” or “Powder Hound.”

They list Park City Mountain as having, for example, 7,300 skiable acres, with a daycare and ski school. This probably meets your requirements if traveling with your toddlers or your kids old enough to try on skis for the first time. If you’re a couple, try Alta Ski Area.

Already a seasoned skier or snowboarder? USA Today published an article on January 2019, about the top ski resorts in North America for your review. Snowbird and Alta in Utah land on the number 4 spot with a 91.78 rating.

Whether it’s your first or umpteenth trip with your snowboard or skis, it still pays to get the latest information.

How’s Your Budget?

The initial research suggested in the preceding paragraphs will let you know whether you have enough money or whether you might need to save more and postpone your trip for the following winter — tickets to a resort range from $60 to upwards of $125. There are packages offered by resorts which may reduce cost.

Below is a list of items that will help you prepare your budget. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s a good start.

  • Airfare
  • Car Rentals
  • Resort tickets
  • Food/Accommodation
  • Gear rentals
  • Going around (public transportation)
  • Miscellaneous (e.g., daycare)
  • Insurance

If the Unfortunate Happens

at a ski resort

Natasha Richardson. Quebec, Canada. Perhaps one of the more famous celebrities who died in a skiing accident in 2009. Heaven forbid you to suffer the same fate as Ms. Richardson, but it certainly won’t hurt to prepare for an accident whether it’s a wrist injury, which accounts for 28% of snowboarding injuries or an ACL sprain, which represents 17% of injuries in skiers.

Find out about hospitals or doctors who specialized in the treatment of injuries related to skiing or snowboarding in the area before going on your trip. Double-check your insurance coverage and explore other options if necessary.

Researching, budgeting, and planning for the unforeseen are perhaps three of the most important steps you can take before you go on a holiday. Enjoy the snow!

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