Creative Tips for a Truly Special Funeral

5 Creative Tips for a Truly Special Funeral

Your loved one’s funeral is the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to them in a most meaningful way. To make the service genuinely unique, you need to think outside the box. Here are five suggestions to give your loved one a funeral service that fully celebrates the extraordinary life they lived.

Get a personalized casket

Over the years, people who buy caskets here in Salt Lake City have gotten more creative with their coffin choices to celebrate their beloved persons’ lives and unique interests. If your loved one loved music, for instance, you can get a music-themed coffin design.

You could also have the coffin painted in the color of their favorite soccer team. Another great idea is to get a plain coffin and invite family members and friends to write farewell messages on it.

Give away mementos

Was your loved one passionate about something, for instance, books? If so, then why not share their passion for reading with other mourners by giving away your loved one’s vast collection of books during the funeral? The books serve as the perfect mementos for people to enjoy your loved one’s memory.

Even better, get personalized stickers and bookplates that can be placed inside the book memorializing the deceased.

Get a little colorful

Through the ages, black has been synonymous with funeral dress code. Why not be different by choosing to wear anything but black, especially if you loved one was passionate about a certain color other than black. After all, the funeral is all about them.

And you are here to celebrate their life in a manner that truly reflects who they were. Just be sure to inform every person attending the funeral of the choice of color enough time before the day.

Consider a firework display

If you want a funeral that will stick in the minds of everyone for decades, then there’s no better way to guarantee it than through a firework display. It’s a unique way to celebrate your loved one’s bright and beautiful life.

If you choose cremation, then fireworks are a triumphant way to scatter the ashes, provided your loved one was okay with the idea. Just make sure that you are working with a professional display team.

Choose a fitting headstone

Once your loved one has been buried, placing a headstone on there is a great way to keep their memory alive for ages. Of course, you’ll want to inquire from the cemetery officials whether they allow headstones, as well as what kind and size of headstones they permit.

Come with a unique inscription for the headstone, too. You can use your loved one’s own words while they were alive or get inspiration from other sources, such as their favorite song, poem, and so on.

Planning the funeral service of your loved one can seem like a daunting challenge, given the emotions at play during this distressing period. However, with a little creativity, you can make sure that your dear one gets a funeral that truly reflects how special they were.

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