What Zero-Waste Lifestyle Looks Like for Families

Having children is a total life-changer. It doesn’t only alter your everyday living situation. It also changes the way you view life in general. You value different things now than you were single. And you look far ahead into the future when it comes to plans.

You think about the future and the safety of your children. These thoughts can start during pregnancy. You start wondering how you’re going to make the world a better place for your child.

Well, one of the ways you can do this is by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. It means reducing your waste and carbon footprint. Here are a few things to help you get started.

Start Small and as Early as Possible

Adopting a new lifestyle is a big deal. And it’s extra hard to do this during pregnancy. You have a lot on your plate already, and you’re taking care of not only one but two people. However, it is not impossible. There are ways you can slowly transition.

The key is introducing the change gradually. Start small, take baby steps as a great jump-off point.

Suppose you’re off to have you and your baby checked. For your next prenatal massage appointment, ask your therapist to use organic supplies. Opt for fragrance-free and pure plant essential oils. This is one of the ways you can get started.

Switch to organic shampoo and soap. Use recycled containers for refilling and restocking. After your healthy snacks, you can use the fruit peels as an air freshener or fertilizer.

Once the new family member comes, opt for reusable cloth diapers instead of using disposable ones. It can be a hassle to wash them, but at the very least, you can guarantee your baby’s safety. Disposable diapers have chemicals that can be too harsh for infants. They sometimes cause rashes on babies sensitive skin. Switch to eco-friendly detergent to wash your clothes and your linens.

Teach and Involve Your Kids in the Practice


It should be your life goal to raise kids who love the environment. After all, you started this lifestyle for them. Exposing them to the lifestyle you are living is already good practice. However, there are more ways you can teach them as they grow up.

Food Preparation and Recycling

Involve them during food preparation. Teach your children not to waste food. And teach them which type of trash goes where. Make them join you when you are restocking the pantry.

It can be a fun bonding activity to work on DIY projects using recycled materials at home. Make learning fun for them. Tell them stories of how when an item is recycled, it gains a new extra life.

Saving Water

Teach your children the importance of saving water. Give them a personal cup to use when they brush their teeth. Give them a personal reusable water bottle for when you go out of the house.


Make your little ones join you when watering the plants. One great idea is to start a vegetable garden to grow your food. This garden can be your little summer project. To involve the entire family, you can create a vegetable plot for every member. Make fences out of thick twigs from the backyard.

Saving Energy

Your children should know that they must not waste energy. Make them turn off the lights when they go out of their rooms. Make them enjoy the sunlight. Designate a weekly “turn-it-off” time where you turn off all appliances at home. During this time, you can go camping in the backyard or do any activity that doesn’t require electricity.

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Take some time every week for outdoor activities. Kids love it when they are outside. Tell them stories of how you enjoyed the outdoors yourself. Take a walk in the park or go on a picnic. Let them run and walk and play. They will develop a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors because of this.

Lastly, answer their questions. Kids are naturally curious. They probably don’t know why you are using mason jars for keeping fruit peels. Or why you have a “turn-it-off” time every week. Answer them in a way that they can easily understand. Make fun stories about how Earth gets tired when people use electricity all the time.

Practicing a lifestyle that not everybody subscribes to is challenging. It is extra challenging when you have to include little kids. However, it will all be worth it years from now. To see that you have raised smart and caring kids—the feeling will be like no other.

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