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A Refreshing Change: Why Children Should Learn to Sail

The explorers from the 15th to the 18th century who braved the oceans made significant discoveries and changes. By finding new sources of spices and opening up new sea routes for others to sail, explorers expanded the reach of certain countries. For one, Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer, would usher in the Age of Discovery.

The feat would have been impossible without the sturdy ships that carried them from one continent to the next. Today, we may not need those big ships of long ago. Not only has exploration turned outwards: to the skies and our neighboring planets, but transportation via the sky is also rampant. A glorious example here is Elon Musk’s SpaceX bent on putting human inhabitants on planet Mars.

Still, making the most of a boat can be a most valuable means of discovery these days. Sailing is spot-on when it’s undertaken with kids and the family. It allows them to learn beyond the four corners of the classroom, which can be more powerful than those gleaned from books.

No doubt sailing is fun. But it can be more than just an adventure for the family. It can be one considerable learning experience for your kids, with your adept guidance, of course. Here’s a list of what your children can learn from sailing.

Warriors for the Environment

The time spent with nature opens up an appreciation for the planet we live on. It’s a given. When you are surrounded by all the beauty of the deep blue sea, you begin to understand how lucky we are to have such a wonderful place to live with. Such an understanding breeds love for the environment. In the process, such appreciation leads to the desire to protect Mother Earth from things that destroy its very core.

Seeing all the dolphins swimming in unison and whales up close makes your child a warrior for the environment. They begin to understand the harm plastic pollution introduces to all the marine habitats they see. In short, by introducing them directly to all the wonders of the sea,  he learns the value of protecting the planet.

Learn Responsibility

Sailing can be a great way to teach your child responsibility. When you put them at the helm, they can learn that they need to put their mind to the task. If not, bad things could happen. Such a consequence-driven scenario instills in them a greater sense of responsibility they might not get on land.

Of course, a sailboat is a prized possession. It’s like investing in a car. You’d have to spend an inordinate amount of money to buy one. And that means it has to be handled with care.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water with your family if you don’t own a boat. Relying on the services of reliable boat rental companies such as Erhardt Recreational should be spot on. Renting allows you to enjoy the waters without having to spend a fortune. Best of all, you have an exhaustive model of boats to choose from.


Facilitate Real Family Communication

Technology has become instrumental in establishing communication with people from far away. But far too often, the use of mobile devices and the advent of online games means you can hardly take the time to have good chitchat with your kids. They’re preoccupied.

But sailing with them changes the dynamic. As you work together on a journey, you find the air so conducive for real talk. The amount of time you spend together on a sailboat away from the Internet and electronic devices spells out more fantastic bonding time for everyone. As a result, you come out stronger as a family.

Breed Trust and Teamwork

As you’re on the journey together, everyone has to make it work. Otherwise, it will take you a lot more time to reach the destination. All hands on deck mean a more seamless trip for everyone.

A boat brings out the best or the worst in us. As we are faced with real-time scenarios, everyone on the boat must contribute to sailing through things in flying colors. So it’s a good way to cement relationships and work together as a team. For siblings, it’s a tremendous opportunity to set aside rivalries and work together towards a common goal. There’s nothing that gets everyone fired up than an Instagram-worthy target destination.

Kids Take the Lead

It’s never smooth sailing. Chances are, you can be caught up in scenarios that need quick thinking. And if your child is at the helm, they’d have to think on their feet and act fast enough to avert any possible danger. For instance, your craft could be caught in those invisible lines from ghost fishing.

Sailing improves a child’s decision-making process allowing them to grow as a leader. Think of the possibilities. The more your family goes sailing, the more refined their leadership becomes.

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