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What Is A Patient Attraction System And How Does It Work?

A good patient attraction system involves having a target audience in mind that you invite to visit your website. Once this audience reaches your website, you have to encourage them to consider dental treatment and convince them that you are the best place for them to do this. You should continue to persuade them until they book an appointment, visit you in person and experience your excellent dental care and customer service. Eventually, they will leave as happy, loyal patients who are willing to recommend you to their friends and family and come back for regular checkups and further dental procedures.

To help you do this, it is important that you speak to a digital dental marketing team that is experienced in putting together strong patient attraction systems. You can delegate this task to them so that you can focus your time and efforts on looking after your patients. An attraction system will only be effective if it is maintained and updated regularly to make sure that you are up-to-date with the current trends and changes in the market.

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Know your audience

First, you need to have a target audience that you are looking to attract. To help you do this, you will need to carry out so that you are aware of what dental terms are being searched for most commonly by the people in your area. For example, you may find that dental implants are a common area of interest, so you could make sure that you include dental implants on your homepage and repetitively throughout your website with plenty of interesting information on the topic. This will encourage potential patients to either call you to find out more or book an appointment and visit you in person to see how dental implants could work for them.


Once you have found your target audience, they should be directed to your website. Using keyword research effectively will help you do this. Google will recognise that your website has the answers that the patient is looking for and rank you at the top of their search results, thereby increasing website traffic and exposing your dental practice to a greater audience. Once the patient reaches your website, they should find all the answers that they are looking for. Your website should be interesting, easy to navigate and accessible for all. It is important to check that your website is working daily to ensure that you do not lose patients due to technical faults.

Social media

Using social media for marketing your dental practice further is also an excellent tool for your attraction system. Different platforms work differently, and by having pages on Facebook and Instagram, you can widen your audience significantly as these are two of the most popular social media platforms at the moment.

Social media allows you the chance to engage with your potential patients and existing patients on an informal basis. It can help you keep your patients updated on what is happening at your practice and provides a chance for you to show off your expertise with regular, exciting new content that can educate your patient and remind them of the importance of looking after their teeth.

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