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Total Home Makeover: What Steps to Take

A person’s home is a cornerstone of their identity. It is where memories are made, and experiences are shared with family and friends. It provides a sense of belonging, stability, and security that can be difficult to find elsewhere. This emotional connection to one’s home has been linked to greater personal well-being and satisfaction with life.

Studies have shown that people who have a solid attachment to their homes report higher self-esteem and overall happiness and lower anxiety levels than those who don’t identify strongly with their living space. A survey conducted by the National Institutes of Health revealed that over 50% of participants said they felt more secure in their homes than anywhere else they had ever lived. This feeling of safety provides excellent psychological stability, leading to healthier social lives and better overall mental health outcomes.

However, the home might not be a pleasant place to live if it needs a makeover. Home renovation projects are so important that the living space can quickly become dull and dated. While doing an entire home makeover may seem daunting, several steps you can take will help with the process.

Consider the Budget

When planning a budget for a total home makeover, it is essential to consider the current condition of the space and any potential upgrades you could make. One of the most important aspects to consider is the cost of materials needed for any renovations or updates. This includes paint, fixtures, flooring, windows, doors, and more. It is also essential to factor in labor costs associated with installing or repairing these items and any other services you may require, such as electrical or plumbing.

Another thing to consider is the potential furniture and decor purchases. New furniture can help refresh an old room and give it a unique look and feel. Smaller items like lamps, rugs, pillows, and wall art can add flair without breaking the bank. Additionally, investing in smart home technology can provide convenience while maximizing energy savings over time. It will also be essential to install a home security system for the process.

It is also essential to remember that unforeseen circumstances may arise during a renovation project that could require additional funding than initially estimated. For example, water damage from an unexpected leak may require other repairs beyond what was originally planned. Setting aside an emergency fund will provide peace of mind if these scenarios occur throughout the renovation process.

Research Your Best Partners

Getting a contractor for home makeover

One of the most important aspects of a total home makeover is selecting the right partners to work with for the makeover. Finding reliable contractors, architects, and designers that have experience in similar projects can help ensure your job is completed correctly and on time. Additionally, it’s vital to select a trustworthy team that can provide insight into the best materials for specific jobs and offers competitive pricing.

You may also want to research interior designers who specialize in specific types of design styles or particular periods in history. These professionals can bring their expertise to the table when selecting furniture, flooring, lighting fixtures, color palettes, fabrics, and more. Interior designers are often well-versed in space planning and will be able to maximize your space for optimal balance and functionality.

However, it might be better to have designers and contractors under one contract. You can find reliable design-build architecture firms to handle your home makeover and provide a turnkey solution. These companies will take the design, engineering, construction, and installation of all necessary services to give you a total home makeover that fits your needs.

Plan Ahead

It is essential to plan when doing a total home makeover. Creating a timeline for each part of the project will help ensure that everything gets done according to your desired schedule. Additionally, having a comprehensive plan allows you to be organized and prioritize tasks accordingly. It’s also essential to determine what part of the renovation project you can do yourself, such as painting walls or laying flooring. This will help reduce costs and keep things moving along smoothly.

Finally, preparing your living space for any dust or debris associated with the renovation process is also essential. Cover furniture and other items in plastic sheeting and use fans or air purifiers to minimize particles in the air during renovations. Additionally, be sure that any potentially hazardous materials, such as lead paint or asbestos, are removed safely.

Final Thoughts

Taking the necessary steps ensures that your total home makeover project runs smoothly and gets completed on time with beautiful results. A little extra effort in planning can go a long way to making your dream space come to life. With the right partners and resources, you’ll be able to create a space that reflects your style and taste while increasing your property’s value.

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