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Things to Remember If You Want to Document Your Travels via Video

A huge part of internet culture is the sharing of information. It was more technical at first, with early chat programs being the avenue for users sending each other files. Now, there are more people using computers than ever, and it has become a melting pot of different activities and interests. Personal stuff like pictures and greetings can now be shared in full view of the public via social networks, so you better check your privacy settings if you want to dial that down. There are also people who share their knowledge on stuff that is close to home, like those who post their own food recipes or videos on DIY residential roofing repair.

One popular interest shared by many is their love for traveling. It’s common to see posts and photos of your friends visiting various places around the world. It is quite informative because you can learn about how things look outside of your country or continent. If you are embarking on a trip and want to share your experience with others, a great way to do that is by documenting them via video. Here are some things you need to look out for so you would not disappoint your potential audience.

Load Management

Your traveling content’s most important asset is you. If people see you looking like you are not interested in what you are doing, they will not be engaged enough. This could lead them to not watch the whole video and just jump off to the next one they see.

One thing you have to plan right from the start is your load management. Where are you going and how much equipment do you think you can carry with you on your travels? That will be your controlling question, and you have to learn to compromise. Bringing more than what you need can tire you out, and this could make you struggle with your planned activities.

For example, if you are going on a jungle trek, it might be difficult for you to bring along heavy stuff because it will impede your mobility. You can leave the laptop where you edit your videos at your hotel room, then bring along your action camera and smartphone with you when you are out there exploring some uncharted territory. If you are visiting more laid-back locales where you can mostly sit back and relax with a drink in hand, you can have your bulkier prosumer camera tag along with you so you can capture cleaner footage. There would be no problem bringing its peripherals like tripods and battery packs if you have a lot of places where you can stop and settle down.

Camera Setup

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Be mindful of the features of your camera. You want to present videos that are as clear as they can be. If you think you will be doing action-packed content, it is best to have gear that has great stabilization control. This will reduce the judder and shakes to a minimum. Without it you can potentially make a lot of viewers suffer from motion sickness. If you have time for preparation and space to work around in, you can take a few cameras with you so you can present your video in multiple angles. You can have one focus on you and your narration, which you can set as your A roll, and then have the others record supplemental footage.

Audio Setup

Since you are the star of the presentation, you want to make sure that your mic setup captures your voice the whole time. If you happen to have the right footage but have used something that recorded a lot of background noise, you can still use that. Just record a separate narration track with better hardware and layer that over your video through the magic of editing. Generally, it would be wise of you to bring along a cardioid microphone. It is sensitive in picking up sounds to where you point it, which can work in tandem with what your camera is looking at. Hopefully, that will give you the sounds that you want to capture with better detail.

You do not get to travel very often, so enjoying it first and foremost is a must. If you want to share that joy with your friends and family, make sure that you have the right gear. So pack it all in and start planning your adventures.

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