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Spring Cleaning Your Closet amid a Global Health Crisis

Over a year of working or studying from home surely left almost all your closet doors shut the entire time leaving only a dent on the pile of loungewear or WFH fits that you cyclically repeat. Thinking all those clothes neatly hung and stacked in your wardrobe kept their fresh-out-of-the-laundry clean for being in a closed environment for a long time, while it may be true, could still harbor other forms of dirt like mold and even microscopic insects. For this, doing a massive cleanout the same way you clean the entire house during spring.

Those who have amassed many clothes in the past years may be intimidated by the task, but purging that jam-packed cabinet has several advantages than pushing it to some other time. Decluttering a room or anything that contains your possessions is analogous to releasing life’s burdens, as they say. Last year was an overwhelming one and, if there’s anything you could do to start anew, cleaning your closet is one of the best candidates.

Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to review your clothing collection, compare it with this year’s trending styles, identify which ones to keep, which ones would pair well for a rare outing fit, and which ones to give away to free some closet space? To see a dress of sentimental value, unlock realizations on how your fashion preferences changed throughout the years, and even question your past ones is, no doubt, a gratifying experience. If you’re willing to take on the closet cleanout challenge, then read on.

We have several practical tips for discussing ahead, but the main rule of thumb is to remember to keep things that bring you happiness. But be careful not to misconstrue this with hoarding the largest quantities of clothes because, while it gives you a sense of contentment, it could pose issues in your daily life later on. With this in mind and without further ado, here are the steps you could take to clean your closet (and prepare it for the new normal):

Empty and Sort What’s in It

You have to take out all your clothes first. The next step would take more analysis because you would have to take each article and assess, aside from whether it still fits you, if you still like it, and, if so, if it’s something you’d wear for its comfort or if it’s for the glam. Pile your clothes into these two categories. If it’s neither of the two, take one more look and assess if it’s the style you’re trying to keep or transition into. If it’s not, it’s probably time to put it in the “give away” pile.

Although the price-based approach could be tempting, being unbiased when screening could work for the better. This is when you realize just because something is branded or expensive doesn’t mean it will make you feel your best wearing it. Sometimes, having several pairs of jeans from the same luxury brand wouldn’t outweigh the fit and comfort of that one lower-end piece. This could refresh your future shopping guiding principles.

Another thing you have to tackle is your attachment to some pieces that hold sentimental value. You could keep good memories through other means like journals and photographs, but as much as possible don’t do it with clothes. Clothes serve a practical function in our daily lives, and keeping them for the sake of good memories will not only defeat its purpose but will also unnecessarily consume closet space.

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Clean the Cabinets Like Never Before

Because you’re doing this after such a long time or, for some, the first time, make sure to clean your cabinet with deep-cleaning tools such as a disinfectant solution and microfiber towels. Wipe the walls, doors, and handles, especially for areas with visible molding, dead insects, or excrement. Place insect repellents like naphthalene mothballs in the corners of your closet before putting back all your clothes.

Clothes that are visibly soiled despite having been kept should be washed according to their washing instructions. Coats and blazers made of more sensitive materials like wool and fabric for formal wear that need to maintain their shape should be separated for more specialized laundry and dry cleaning services.

Categorize According to Functionality

Thinking of your new arrangement must be done with the clothes’ functionality in mind. For instance, make sure to put side-by-side stacks of for-home trousers and cotton tees and situate them somewhere in the front or anywhere easier to reach in your closet since we’re indoors most of the time. Also, since we’re approaching summer, off-season clothing like scarves, knits, and coats should be hung the furthest from the closet’s doors.

It’s also time to re-imagine how you would use those pieces hidden in the depths of your closet; you forgot you even had them. Look into which ones you could use for casual attires and put them together with clothes of the same category. You could re-purpose trousers that may have loosened due to wear and tear into loungewear as well.

If you’re very particular with color schemes or your style, then place clothes you would rather wear on an average day within reach. Remember, this is for you, and you’d want to relish the feeling of seeing your opened closet, and you know you handpick those clothes because you like the pieces individually. So you should have a meaningful closet cleanout experience.

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