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Secrets to a Productive Lifestyle: Life Lessons From Successful Individuals

Everyone has their own sets of motivations, inspirations, and goals. Highly effective people differ in what they believe in and what habits they have perfected over the years. If you also want to do the same and be as productive as the pros, here are some secrets you can adopt:

Pursue a Passion You Actually Enjoy

Most people live their whole lives building a career they hate. You may be insanely good in your current job. But are you happy and contented?

This is not to say that you should drop the job you hate first thing in the morning and follow your passion. Life does not always end up that way. Know that more often than not, our interests change and so do our passion.

If you know how Steve Job’s story, then you will better understand why you should not blindly pursue what you love. Know that Apple was not a company born out of passion. In reality, it was a small-time business venture that unexpectedly took off.

The problem with pursuing your passion as a career is that sometimes, there is simply no market for your dream job. You can’t build a successful business, for instance, with just your passion as your main weapon. Don’t limit yourself to a single idea unless you already have a secure future to begin with.

Let’s say you are really passionate about metal crafts works. You enjoy building different things out of metal and even found a vendor that sells a large selection of industrial-grade metal supplies. Before you even chase your dream of opening your own shop and start accepting customized orders, do study the market first.

Sometimes, we dislike our jobs so much that once we are so full of them, we burst and leave everything behind for the sake of passion. But remember that you should also consider the market before leaving. There is no point in limiting your options when you can turn a passion into a hobby.

As they always say, one should have at least three hobbies. One hobby should pay the bills, another one to keep you healthy, and the last one that makes you feel satisfied. If you pursue a passion as one of your hobbies, you will have another thing to look forward to and keep you productive each day.

Take Regular Breaks From Technology

When was the last time you used your phone, checked your email, or posted on social media? Technology may be an important part of our lives, especially in today’s modern world. But like what they always say, too much technology can already do more harm than good.

Take some time each day to unplug and enjoy a tech break. You might be tempted to work on emails during your free time. But such an innocent habit can already be a stress trigger that hinders your productivity levels.

A study shows that participants who were denied smartphone and computer access for less than a week actually became more productive. They did complain during the first few days. But after a while, they actually felt less stressed, more focused, and had more tasks done than before.

VR technology

Consider unplugging from your devices after work hours. This will give you more time to practice self-care, forget about work when you should be resting, and nurture relationships outside of your job. This is one way you can start creating a better work-life blend.

Do the same when you are at work. Disconnect from electronics for a few hours so you can focus your attention on your most critical tasks of the day. The more focused you are on your job, the less time you have to use electronics over non-essential things.

Start Adapting Tiny Habits One Day at a Time

Just because you felt you are no longer productive does not mean you can change all your bad habits in one day. Successful people did not achieve success overnight. They were able to make due to consistent efforts and risk-taking that took them years at most to fulfill.

So, take one micro shift at a time. Be consistent, focus on your goal, and don’t rush the process. You will find it easier to reach higher productivity levels and maintain productivity if you don’t make drastic changes at once.

For example, you plan on living a healthier lifestyle from now on. Instead of making sudden diet changes, get rid of one bad eating habit at a time. This way, you won’t have a sudden craving that will destroy the balance you’ve been working hard for.

It is never easy to embrace a productive lifestyle if you have lost your motivation and is been slacking for quite some time now. But know that there is still hope. Embracing these three habits can help you kick start a more productive lifestyle that lasts.

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