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10 Things You Can Do to Stay Safe as You Return to Work

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of communities have already started to reopen and have some semblance of normalcy, albeit at a fraction of what they once were. Although most people still work remotely as long as they are allowed, a lot of business establishments have already resumed operations even if it’s only a fraction of their full capacity.

As folks return to their workplaces, many are asking how they can be sure that they won’t contract the dreaded virus and endanger their loved ones just because they need to make a living. Health and safety, after all, are paramount today. With all the havoc COVID-19 has brought upon society, it is quite understandable that people’s primary concern is their protection from the virus.

Here’s how you can stay safe as you return to your workplace:

1. Proactively protect yourself


Not everyone going back to work is returning to an office. Some people, such as repairmen who replace Lynx grill parts and fix other appliances, are on-call. Whether you spend your 9-to-5 behind a desk, in a factory, or on the go, you need to keep yourself protected by always wearing your mask, gloves, and other necessary protective gear. Observe COVID-19 protocols set by the WHO and the CDC at all times.

2. Check what safety measures are in place at work

If you’re going back to your workplace, make sure that it follows the minimum safety standards set by the local health authorities and CDC. For instance, is the place laid out to encourage physical distancing? Are there hand sanitizing stations in strategic places? Find out what safety measures are in place and see how you can improve them.

3. Do your best to minimize public commute

Going back to the workplace means going out in public and being surrounded by possible asymptomatic virus carriers. If the public commute is the only way you can get to work, be sure to stay away from crowds and minimize your trips.

4. Always practice physical distancing at work and in public

One of the best ways to protect yourself from the coronavirus when you’re out and about is to physically distance yourself from people, even in your workplace. Maintain a distance of 6 feet from people you are interacting with to protect both yourself and them.

5. Avoid packed elevators

Understandably, when working in tall buildings and skyscrapers, taking the elevator is a necessity. If you are required to go to work, do your best to avoid crowded elevators.

6. Make it a point to regularly clean and sanitize your workstation

Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your workspace, especially high-contact surfaces will help keep any virus at bay, including COVID-19. Keep a sanitizer and a rag in one of your drawers so you can sanitize your area from time to time.

7. Be mindful of break areas

Even though economies have reopened, large gatherings are still highly discouraged as it increases the virus’ transmission rate. When going on your break, make sure that the break area isn’t crowded. If it is, just grab something to eat or drink and look for a different spot to take your break.

8. Encourage your coworkers and colleagues to observe COVID protocols

With communities having some semblance of normalcy and as more and more people are getting their vaccines, folks sometimes tend to let their guards down and forget there is still a pandemic. Be vigilant. Remind people to continue to follow proper COVID protocols and encourage them to do the same to others. If we expect to win this, we need to work together.

9. Talk to your boss or employer about your safety concerns in the workplace

If you have any concerns about health and safety in your workplace, whether they have to do with COVID-19 or not, share them with your immediate supervisor or employer. In light of the pandemic and all its adverse effects, business owners, employers, and managers take into consideration all safety concerns from employees. Bring it up with them respectfully and they will certainly hear you out.

10. Wash your clothes and masks immediately when you get home

Lastly, you need to ensure that your going back to work does not endanger your family and loved ones. After a long day out, wash your clothes and masks immediately upon returning home. Sanitize and take a shower to wash off all the dirt, germs, and bacteria from your time outside before you interact with your family members.

We hope that you found this article very helpful and gives you peace of mind as you prepare to go back to your grind at your workplace. Take extra caution as you go out and about, even if you’re already done with the vaccine. It’s a safeguard and not a license to be reckless.

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