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Office Fashion Crimes You Should Never Commit

How you clothe yourself matters a lot when you’re trying to appear more professional. While the world today is more accepting of casual clothing at work, there’s still quite a significant benefit to dressing well in the office. And by good, we mean professional.

But dressing professionally isn’t as easy as it seems. Here are some tips to help you avoid the most common office fashion crimes:

You’re Showing Too Much Skin

It’s not that showing skin is wrong. It’s perfectly fine, and if you’re confident to do so, then great. However, it’s important to remember that different situations and contexts have different clothing requirements. The office is a place to work at, not a beachside party or rave. Always think professional: if you won’t see it in a Fortune 500 company, it’s best to avoid it.

However, if you’ve already purchased clothing that shows too much skin, there’s still a quick workaround. Use a coat or a blazer to put over it, chances are, the design of your dress or clothing will still be displayed, plus the professional aura a good-fitting coat brings.

Stop Wearing Ill-Fitting Clothes

If there’s any tip you should follow from this guide, it should be this one. Nothing ruins your look more than ill-fitting clothes. Whether it’s your sleeves that are too tight, or your pants that hug your thighs too much, stop wearing clothes that don’t fit. Be highly aware of your measurements, or at least have a good estimate of your size. Wearing clothes that fit well makes your look significantly more professional and accentuates all the best part of your body.

Choosing The Wrong Material

Don’t skimp on the material of the clothes you wear. Especially for work clothes, it’s best to go for high-quality ones, as going for cheap ones will eventually embarrass you. The cheaper ones might look good for now, but after a few washes, the color might fade and the texture might start to tear up. When buying clothes for work, always go for ones that don’t wrinkle up easily.

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Skimpy Skirts and Skinny Pants

As mentioned before, the fit of your clothing is important. One particular item of clothing that you need to pay extra attention to (and one that merits its own discussion) is the skirt or pants. Make sure that the length is just appropriate- short skirts are fine as long as they’re not that short. When buying a new skirt, always remember to try it sitting down to see whether it rides up.

Pants fall under similar rules, you want slacks to stay around your ankles, not beyond your ankles, and definitely not on your shins. Make sure your pants aren’t too loose that you look like a clown, nor too tight that it looks like skinny jeans.

Your Socks are Important

While women can get away without socks thanks to closed-toe heels, men need to be more considerate of their choice. If your socks will be visible, make sure to match them to the color of your pants. While white socks are common and accessible, the chances of wearing white pants are low. Always go for ones that match your pants, and in case of doubt, always remember to go for neutral. Dress socks are often a safe choice, especially ankle-high ones.

If You Can’t Walk In It, Don’t Wear it

This is another idea that’s tied towards how your clothing should fit, but it still merits a mention. If you’re far too uncomfortable in your clothing, it’s best to switch to something else entirely. The coat you just bought might look good, but it’s most likely going to take a while before you’ll feel very comfortable in it (unless it’s entirely custom fit). However, should it hamper your movement, it’s best to “break it in” first before bringing it to the office.

Wear the Right Jewelry

Wearing too much jewelry can make you look too gaudy, but not wearing any can also make you look plain. If you’re going for something to accentuate your entire outfit, consider going to your favorite jewelry store and asking them for elegant and subtle pieces. Go for ones that aren’t overly intricate and would complement a neutral color. A leather-strap watch with a minimalistic face always works regardless of gender, and a silver or gold chain necklace can make a rather bland outfit get the appealing edge it needs.

Above all, you should be comfortable with yourself. Dressing appropriately can provide a considerable boost in confidence, and is one reason why we suggest you try it. Just remember to avoid the common mistakes included here.

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