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How to Still Be Fashionable During a Pandemic

These are, to put it mildly, interesting times. Fashion has always adapted to the changes in the environment, society, economics, and politics. But how will it adapt to the changes that a public health crisis has brought forth? Young people are most likely to feel frustrated with the need to isolate themselves at home and wear face masks or shields all the time. At an age where they should be partying with their friends and traveling the world and finding their own fashion sense, these people have to stay home, isolate themselves from their friends, and wear their pajamas to virtual college classes.

While people are following these safety measures for themselves and their families, that does not change the fact that the pandemic has changed their fashion sense. So, how are you going to remain fashionable despite the pandemic? How can you showcase your fashion pieces or your new makeup if you have to cover your face with a mask?

Customize Your Masks

Somehow, people look the same because they wear the same masks. You can still express yourself though you cannot be as eccentric with your makeup. You can buy customized face masks online and have these printed with your favorite quote or even a statement. In fact, a lot of political activists and social advocates have been using their masks to make statements about various issues and concerns.

Be Over-the-top with Your Top

A lot of things today are happening on Zoom and other teleconference platforms. You’re either in business meetings, negotiating with clients, or attending a distance-learning class or a virtual class that shouldn’t have been virtual in the first place. They won’t see how fashionable you are since the camera will only see the top part of your blouse. So, why not be over-the-top with your top? You can go for those big, puffed sleeves that you only see on fashion runways. You can also choose a blazer with extra-padded shoulders for that sleek and professional look.

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Make a Statement with Your Shoes

While health experts said to wear clothes that will be easy to get off you so to prevent the virus from getting to your eyes, nose, and mouth, they didn’t say anything about what shoes to wear, right? If you cannot wear your favorite turtleneck shirt because it has to pass through your head, then the least you can do is make a statement by wearing the shoes that you want. Whether you’re just walking inside the house or going to the bank, you can be as classy, sporty, or as casual as you want with your shoes.

Wear Your Nice Clothes at Home

There’s no use for your clothes to be stuck in the closet for a year. While you’re trying to prevent going out until herd immunity is achieved, your clothes might already be calling your name from the closed. Why not wear them? Cook a nice dinner for the family and ask everyone to wear the clothes they’ve been meaning to wear for the past year. Since you can take off your mask at home, this is a nice place to put on your makeup and accessorize as much as you want.

Put on Your Best Statement Shirts

Half of your face might be covered, but your shirt is still noticeable. If you’re into making political, social, or environmental statements, this is your chance to shine with a statement shirt. If you’re not into those kinds of things, that’s okay, too. You can wear that luxury brand shirt you’ve been meaning to show off for more than a year. Even though you cannot be as fashionable as you want to, the brand that you wear will speak for what kind of fashion you follow.

Style Your Hair and Eyes Any Way You Want

The only part of your face that people can see now is your eyes and forehead. Your hair maybe comes second. So, give your eyes and hair the attention they deserve. Put your hair up. Curl or straighten them. Put mascara on your eyelashes. Do your eyebrows like a celebrity. Give your eyes and hair the tender loving care that they so deserve during these times.

The million devastating things that happened in the past year have put many people in an almost state of depression, anxiety, and just plain loneliness. If fashion gives you comfort, then go for it. Even this pandemic shouldn’t stop you from expressing yourself. Nothing should, least of all a pandemic that has stolen so much from the people. As long as you are following health protocols, you should be fine with your fashion statements.

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