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New smile, new you with dental laminates

The pearly white Hollywood smile has made dental laminates infamous if not famous. The dental laminate need not be such a radical change as they usually are in Hollywood. Most of the patients that attend a dental clinic for veneers Wagga want a more natural aesthetic, not a synthetic one, so talk to your dental team.

Laminates first gained popularity in the 80s when the first reliable dental cements could keep them in place. This allowed radical changes to immediately be applied to patients teeth, not only altering their colour and translucency but also correcting minor misalignments which would usually have been dealt with by a short course of orthodontics in a brace.

When they were initially fitted, it involved removing a substantial quantity of enamel from the front of the teeth, which led to the questions of whether this cosmetic procedure harmed teeth in the long term. This is why dentists aim to remove the smallest quantity of enamel possible when installing veneer and the amount removed is typically less than 10 microns.

Also the etching that is performed on the front of the teeth is done in order to provide a textured surface for the adhesive switch will hold the veneer in place; these etchings are deliberately as shallow as possible in order to minimise any destructive work.

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The veneer that is used

Most dental teams need to create veneers using porcelain or composite material. They often send detailed specifications on the shade and opacity of your natural enamel so that they can fabricate a veneer which is well suited and looks both natural and healthy.

Most dental laminates use a light-sensitive curing resin that allows your dentist to place the laminates in their positions and arrange their final forms before setting the veneer using ultraviolet light.

It’s at this point that your dentist will perform any final touch-ups to the veneer, like carving and reshaping them in order to better suit the rest of your teeth and they’re placed in your mouth.

When you are looking on dental websites for examples of previous laminate work performed, you will see how seamlessly modern porcelain laminates fit into an everyday smile, seeming both classy and attractive without being overbearing or false. And you will also probably spot how they can do far more than simply whiten the teeth; they can conceal cracks, chips and can even close gaps in the smile (if they are small enough), for a seamless and natural-looking finish. As obvious as it sounds, when you are searching for a dentist to perform laminates, ensure that they have a history of performing this procedure and, if necessary, ask to see their work at your consultation.

Oral laminates are considered cosmetic treatments and are often not included in health insurance unless explicitly stated, please be aware of this If you choose to enquire more and pursue the option of laminates for you or a family member, they are only suitable on adult teeth and unless there was a genetic condition that resulted in tooth decolorization like dental imperfecta, they would not be recommended for teenagers or young adults.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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