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Moulding the smile and helping to boost confidence

Why might you want to create a new smile?

When a smile is stained, wonky or suffering from gaps or chips, all too often the self-esteem of the individual carrying that smile can be negatively impacted. Therefore, for those wishing to create a smile they are proud of, visiting the Cosmetic Dentist Bondi Junction can be the positive step they are looking for. After all, the impact of a smile on yourself and those around you can be extremely significant and change the course of the day.

Removing the stains and brightening up the smile.

On a daily basis, teeth suffer from a variety of foods and drinks which can impact the colouring of the teeth when consumed on a regular basis. Whilst the twice daily brush has a positive impact on the surface of the tooth, after some time, further care may be needed to remove the impact of these delicacies and therefore teeth whitening may be the way forward.

For those who are happy to have a gradual whitening process over a period of two weeks, the at home process may be the whitening process for you. This particular at home treatment is a fantastic way to achieve great results without spending unwanted time within the dental practice. Using retainers and a fluoride application, this process can work with you around your hectic daily life and still allow you to brighten up your smile.


For the patients who are after an immediate change to their smile, the in-house teeth whitening treatment would be more suitable. This process is more intense than the at home process and enables results to be seen within an hour. For the patients with a last minute special event in mind, this particular treatment would be the most suited, as it’s intense nature ensures fast results eliminating the waiting time.

Should teeth whitening not be the treatment for you there are always alternative options and this is where composite veneers can help. These tooth-coloured pieces of resin are bonded to the tooth and shaped around your natural tooth, creating a replenished look both in brightness and in shape. This can often be the perfect solution for the patients seeking a replenished smile within a day.

Understanding which process is best suited to you.

Whilst with whitening or improving the appearance of the teeth, the time in which the process takes can have a large impact on which solution to follow. It is always important to understand the full extent of the treatment or procedure plan and ask as many questions as you can think of. The aim is to ensure you are fully informed of every aspect of all the treatments before deciding upon one or the other. Working as a team is of the utmost importance during any element, whether medical or cosmetic, of dentistry and therefore your dental team will work with you to ensure you get the results you want in the most suitable way.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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