Manage a Parking Lot: What Managers Should Do

A parking lot may be a simple open structure, but it needs to be managed so that traffic flow and other important things are optimized. With that, parking spaces need the right managers so that everyone has a place to park, which lessens fights amongst car owners.

A commercial parking lot paving is more than just a structure so a manager must ensure that there’s peace and order. Here are some ways to manage a parking lot:

Proper Management

Parking spots are much-coveted so you should be able to put harmony with all car owners. One of the toughest challenges that a park manager could experience is the number of available slots, and you should be able to handle that problem effortlessly. Aside from that, assigning parking slots is helpful.

If you work in a school parking lot, you should consider the students and faculty members’ parking lot distance to their classrooms or offices. On the other hand, if you work for a residential building, you should also be able to address the special needs of the tenants without neglecting the others.

Some larger institutions where there are several buildings in a compound use shuttles to transport people from the parking lot to their respective destination and vice versa. If you haven’t already, make sure you discuss this with the owners or your superiors. This helps people reach the parking lot faster.

Things You Should Consider

As a parking lot manager, you should consider selling spaces. A lot of people will love this idea, especially when the parking lot is located in a prime area. You not only earn more, but you also help car owners have permanent parking spaces.

Parking lots cost a lot of money to build. Several factors come into play like construction, licensing, maintenance, signage, and security. It’s important to earn from it. That said, you should think big about your parking spaces.

Choose a surface lot option than parking garage because the cost is lower in the long run. It’s cheaper to construct and maintain. If you don’t have that much money, choose surface lot so there won’t be more costs.

When it comes to maintenance, there are a few considerations. First is security. Everyone knows that a parking lot can get eerie sometimes. It’s a quiet place so for everyone’s peace of mind, hire security personnel. People will thank you when they see security on a scary night.

Aside from that, you should put CCTV. Installing one detracts criminals than when you don’t have one installed. You can also monitor if someone is not following parking lot rules. Lastly, install proper lighting. Discourage criminals by putting bright lights. Good lighting and CCTV plus security personnel is the perfect combo for a safe parking lot.

With that, you can be a better manager by improving your parking lot in terms of security, spaces, and other provisions. People need to park their cars but they also want to park where they can feel safe and not robbed out of their money. Always prioritize the car owners and your car park will be in demand.


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