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Is there a right way to reshape the body?

Traditionally, only two methods have been hailed as the best way to reshape the body: dieting and exercise. While they certainly do play a role in tackling an unhealthy body mass index (BMI), their effects can be augmented with fat-reduction treatments such as CoolSculpting.

Many people will find that as they age, it becomes more of a challenge to get rid of excess weight, even with a controlled diet and exercise. Science can point to why this is. A study has found that one of the effects of ageing is the impact on the processes and regulation of fat tissue in the body. This is an eye opener for those who have kept up with their eating patterns and their exercise routines, yet have witnessed that they have only gained weight in the end.

When questioning whether CoolSculpting actually works, one need only look at the number of procedures that have been performed – over seven million procedures have been carried out worldwide. What about patient satisfaction? 82% of patients were so satisfied with their results that they would not hesitate to recommend the procedure to their friends.

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Enhancing body shape with fat freezing

Through an FDA-approved fat-freezing procedure, patients can reshape their bodies by getting rid of resistant fat stores. The common areas that can be treated start from the double chin to the thighs. With the procedure being used on various parts of the body, patients can customise their treatment plans according to their goals and needs.

Controlled cooling is facilitated via an applicator and gel pad, and is placed on targeted areas of fat to initiate the process to destroy fat cells. Many patients ask what happens to these frozen cells, the answer being that the dead cells are conveniently eliminated from the body through a natural process. This is of particular interest to patients – once the frozen cells leave the body, they are gone forever.

Saying goodbye to fat cells permanently is always good news, but this is not simply a quick-fix method. As there are natural bodily processes involved, the procedure does take time to work but is worth the results. On average, it can take anywhere from two up to six months before results manifest and even after treatment, the body may still continue to get rid of fat cells. The number of sessions that are required to produce results will need to be determined during a consultation appointment. Patients may need to time their treatments accordingly, especially if one of the motivations is to achieve a toned body for a particular significant event, such as a wedding. The procedure is ideal for patients looking for an non-surgical alternative approach to fat-reduction.

The simplicity of the procedure makes it an attractive option for many. Practitioners advise that an initial consultation is required to assess patient suitability to receive treatment.

To have all questions answered, patients should speak to a practitioner trained in the procedure. They can then arrange a date and time for an initial consultation when it is convenient.

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