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Is effectiveness compromised for comfort?

With all the new kinds of teeth straightening devices available today, one does begin to wonder if they are all as effective as one another in doing the deed. Certainly, traditional wires and brackets are still in frequent use because they are suitable for more complex situations.

For people who have mild to moderate misalignments, a traditional fixed device has a lot of benefits that are just not necessary for these patients to see results. This is how removable aligners have been born.

By streamlining the entire procedure and just focusing on the cosmetic need to straighten teeth, dentists have been able to straighten teeth quickly and effectively for their patients without needing to apply fixed braces for a certain period of time.

For most patients, choosing one of the new and improved styles of teeth straightening devices that are available is a wise choice. They can be more cost effective and blend in with their lifestyle more, making it a more convenient and enjoyable experience.

The technology that is used and the research that has gone into ensuring the viability of the treatments are immense and patients need not worry about their effectiveness over time.

Dentists will discuss with their patients what they believe to be the best course of action when it comes to moving their teeth and jaw into the correct alignment, with a discussion on all of the advantages and disadvantages of each available system for the patient to make an educated decision upon.

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By understanding the time frames of each device, the expected results and the cost, patients are able to weigh up what they believe to be important so that they can choose a treatment that best suits them.

If more people decide to straighten their teeth with a removable aligner because it is more convenient, then the decision to use such a treatment is positive for all their dentists. The more people who work on having a healthier mouth by means of straightening the teeth and jaw, the better these people can experience full functionality of their smile and are able to keep them cleaner, as there are less hard to reach places between teeth.

What are some of the choices a patient can make?

Generally, patients can decide what style of device they are looking for. There are two kinds: fixed and removable. Both of these options are effective in working with different conditions of the mouth that cause crooked teeth. When looking for clear braces in Clapham, patients are able to talk with their dentist about what device would be best suitable to tackle their condition head on.

The length of time a person needs to wear their device is sometimes important, but one needs to understand that after treatment has finished, it is likely they will need to wear a retainer for some time to ensure that the teeth remain in their new, perfected location. A retainer is a simple tray that needs to be worn sporadically for a few months after treatment has finished, to allow the ligaments to relax into their new position and not spring back to their original one.

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