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Interior Design in 2021: Next Year’s Trends



We’re just a couple of weeks until the end of 2020, and people are looking for a palate cleanser to rinse off the “bad” taste that the year has left for us. Throughout most of the year, we’ve been stuck at home as authorities impose lockdown protocols and social distancing laws to help control the number of COVID-19 cases as the pandemic rages on.


But there’s a ray of hope in the form of vaccines that are rolling out this week. Most experts are optimistic that a good portion of normal life will resume next year. Still, we’ll need to continue staying at home until it’s safer to resume our “normal” life. So what’s a great way of spicing up our home life? Well, getting into the groove for 2021 with some unique and luxurious interior design trends can be the palate cleanser that you’ll be needing. 


Blue Tropical Shores


We all know what you’ve been clamoring for throughout the entire year: a well-needed vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city while watching all of your problems disappear into the tropical horizon. This type of interior design is inspired by the slow and laid-back lifestyle you can experience from tropical islands in the Pacific and South East Asia, like Hawaii and the Philippines. If you’re living in a country with a warm or tropical climate like Singapore, this is a great choice for your home, especially if you’re living close to the beach.


While we’re longing for that tropical getaway, why not bring the beach to your home instead? This design is known for being a hybrid of contemporary design with the iconic floral design that’s quite prevalent in apparel. This design is known for going well with dark or bright tropical colors, subtle tones, and other details. This is also great for offices since you’ll be introducing greeneries that can help reduce stress while having a hip and unique tropical landscape.


Oceanic Vibes


Not really a fan of the warm pacific landscape? No worries, the lively light-blue oceanic hues are also a great way of bringing the vacation to your home. The light-blue poolside colors and deep blue will definitely make you feel like you’re relaxing inside wholesome houses in Santorini or anywhere in the Mediterranean.


Some new color trends have suggested that people are slowly shifting from the typical light-blue interior design to a more Aegean Sea teal, which is often related to tranquillity and comfort.

Vintage Chic


Throughout much of the year and the past few years, chic design has always been a great way of defining both luxury and elegance. Although this type of design might have a “time-worn” theme, this is a great way of making your home or room age with grace.


Suppose you’re not quite sure about the materials you’ll be using or the color palette that would harmonize well with your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. In that case, you might want to consider consulting with professional interior designers that are well-versed in mixing and matching colors while still having that luxurious atmosphere. Fortunately, there’s an award-winning luxury interior design firm that can help you achieve the best version of your dream interior.


Classic Greeneries


Last but not least, your classic interior design with greeneries will always be a tried and tested way of making your home come to life. But before you start placing houseplants all over your home, you’ll need to pick the right indoor plants. Most would suggest using tropical plants since they don’t necessarily need a good amount of sunlight. Although, you might have to be mindful of the maintenance that you’ll need to do for your plants. Plants that thrive in moist environments are great for your bathroom and kitchen, while you can place plants that thrive in dry environments close to windows and airways.


Various trends are steadily rising in popularity and will definitely be on the general public’s radar in the next year. Still, home and business owners should keep their eyes peeled on changes in the social climate since this will affect current trends, especially in the interior design and fashion industry. Overall, it’s hard to tell what interior design will look like in the coming years. These designs are tried and tested ways of beautifying your home and starting with a clean slate.

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