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Parenting 101: the Importance of Self-care

We often see our parents as the most selfless beings in the world. They are hailed as real-life superheroes. If you are a parent yourself, you would understand your mother and father’s sacrifices throughout the years.

The superhero comparison is not far-fetched. As a parent, we often put our needs behind those of our kids. But self-care is essential to being a good parent.

This idea may sound preposterous. It might even sound selfish. But before you scoff, here are a few reasons why you should not forego self-care.

Energy Building

Have you found yourself drained? This feeling of exhaustion can set in as early as the time we stepped out of our beds. The problem here is that if we already feel tired this early, how can we cope up with the needs of our children.

We need to take care of ourselves to have the energy to take care of our kids. Avoiding me-time will also take a toll on our mental health. The question here is how we can have that much-needed me-time if we do not have enough time to do our chores.

This concept may sound blasphemous. But it has to be done. As parents, you have to take turns for a me-time. You should commit to this.

You have to plan out with your partner for a monthly me-time. It should not be done while buying groceries. But it should be a day for yourself and no one else. Your partner will be the one taking care of the kids.

When your partner’s scheduled me-time comes, you will be the one to take care of the kids. This plan will ensure that both of you will get that much-needed break.

Health Complications

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Have you been told that you need chiropractor care? This medical advice must have stemmed from your frequent back pain. Again, you have foregone medical advice because you do not have the time.

Doing this will lead to serious health complications. It would lead to a longer downtime. Ignoring the needs of your body might even mean death. This may sound over-the-top. But you should think again.

Let us say that you have been experiencing back pain. It is not exactly surprising that a lot of mothers feel such a thing. After all, we do a lot of un-choreographed gymnastic work with our chore juggling.

We would often ask for medical help when we already are in extreme pain. In this example, you are given some medication to help with the pain. But you would also be advised to visit a chiropractor.

With the oral medication, you would have probably ignored the medical advice. This scenario would lead to something dangerous. That would be unable to care for your children because of your pain. Is that what you want?

Role Model

Our children look up to us as heroes. They rely on us for their needs. They consider us as their role models.

Allowing your children to see that we do not care for ourselves will give them the wrong message. They will think that it is okay to ignore our needs. They will think that self-care is selfish.

On the other hand, if they see us take time to care for ourselves, they will perceive the importance of self-care. To drive home the significance of self-care, you can ask them to join you in your yoga session.

Before you start with your yoga, you need to research kid-friendly yoga poses. Here are a few of them:

  • Easy Pose – This pose can be your default position. You would settle on the yoga mat cross-legged. Before you switch to the next pose, you should take several deep breaths.
  • Child’s Pose – You will change your position by sitting on your heels. You bring your arms in front of the body with your forehead resting on the ground. This pose will help reduce stress and will calm your child.
  • Half-Lotus Pose – From the child pose, you should switch back to the easy pose. Unlike the easy pose, you will put one leg on top of the other. This pose will make you more flexible.
  • Cobra Pose – After the Half-Lotus Pose, you can switch back to the easy pose, take a deep breath before you lay on your stomach. You put your hands on the ground and lift your chest, using your arms as support.

Self-care is essential. It is not selfish. Self-care has become even more important during the pandemic.

As parents, we must impress upon our children these lessons. Making them see that you care for yourself will teach them the value of human life.

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