Fun Times at Home: 12 Ways to Make Your House More Awesome

Many homeowners want their homes to be different. They do some home improvements that set their home apart from the others. Some install the latest technological breakthroughs and convert their regular houses into smart homes. Others give their houses certain treatments that make it stand out — a unique exterior paint job, automated gates and garage doors, updated gardens and lawns, and several other things.

However, other people want to make their homes as fun and as awesome as possible. So they work on giving their homes a few tweaks that make it really interesting, unique, and cool.

Here are a few fun ideas that will bring your house way up in the cool-o-meter:

1. Rock Climbing Walls

It may be unconventional to find rock climbing walls in a home but we’re not here to be conventional. Wall climbing is a great physical activity and since most gyms and fitness clubs are still closed due to COVID, you might as well have one installed for fun and challenging home workouts.

2. Home Theater

With most theaters still closed or operating at only a 30% to 50% capacity, a lot of people began upgrading their family rooms and converted them into home theaters. Folks splurged on their home theaters, from seats to projectors to Dolby and surround sound set-up. It will definitely take your viewing experience to a whole new level.

3. Treehouses

Treehouses are a childhood staple that never goes out of style. A lot of kids spent way too many hours of endless fun in treehouses. You can either make a kiddie treehouse for kids or build a designer treehouse for adults. Either way, it’s one of the coolest things ever.

4. Man Caves or She Sheds

Adults need a place to retreat to for stress relief and some much-needed me-time. Man caves or she sheds help meet those adult needs. If you have an unused room or area in your property, consider transforming it into your own personal palace.

5. Fire Pit

Fire pits are nice additions to any home. They’re good especially if you want to spend time outdoors to gaze at stars on a cold night. They’re perfect for keeping you warm when you go backyard camping and for roasting franks and mallows.

6. Backyard Skate Trail

What could be cooler than finding a mini skate park in your backyard? Kids and their friends can spend hours learning how to skate and be like Tony Hawk in a safe environment. You might even take a crack at it and see if you can still pull off an ollie or a kickflip.

7. Hot Tub or Sauna

There’s nothing like spending a nice quiet evening in a hot tub. A sauna may also be an additional option to help you flush out toxins from your body. But before going with this one, make sure that waterproofing for your plywood deck is available in your town. You wouldn’t want your deck to be damaged by water and moisture once you have that hot tub and sauna installed.

8. Swimming Pool

Although having a swimming pool built isn’t exactly cheap, it’s a very good investment that’s guaranteed to give you good returns. But even if you don’t plan on selling your property, think of all the fun afternoons and weekends when you can invite friends or family over for a poolside barbecue.

9. Doodle Wall

Find a large enough wall in your house, paint it in a light color, and install a large plexiglass panel over it where you, the rest of your family, and your visitors can use whiteboard markers to draw and write stuff on. You can create a piece of art with it or write stuff on it such as to-do lists, ideas, poetry, or reminders. It’ll look really cool and will stand out in your home.

playing foosball

10. Foosball Coffee Table

If you never thought you could have a Foosball table in the center of your living room, think again. A Foosball Coffee Table is a great way to have fun with your guests over coffee and a few rounds of Foosball.

11. Sidewalk or Backyard Chalk Art

Get your family’s artistic side going with some fun and colorful chalk art on your sidewalk, driveway, or in different areas in your backyard. The great thing about it is you can change it up from time to time and come up with new ideas and artistic experiments.

12. Backyard Office Pod

It may seem impractical but a pod converted into an office and placed in a backyard is perhaps one of the best home office ideas ever. The best thing about it is you’re at home but you’re not. The privacy that a separate structure gives a remote worker greater productivity.

Do you have any other unique ideas that can transform a house from something dull and drab into one that’s cool and amazing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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