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How Much Should You Spend to Build a Concrete Patio?

Homeowners in Salt Lake City should expect to pay around $760 for hiring a contractor to build a 215-square-foot concrete patio. The size often dictates the actual cost, but some builders can charge a flat rate even for smaller projects.

Your budget can also increase by up to $112 if you hire a general contractor for patio construction. Average rates can be the same among most contractors in Salt Lake County, where prices range from around $700 to $800. Most homeowners, however, spend $745 for building a typical patio.

Factors that Affect Price

If you plan to replace an old patio, you might have to spend more on removing it before installing a new one. You can choose to pay for concrete repair in Salt Lake City when you only need to resurface, patch holes or level the surface to correct uneven flooring. Repairs for concrete usually cost more than replacements, but you shouldn’t decide without asking for an expert’s opinion.

A concrete lifting company will be more familiar with problems that involve a patio’s sloped surfaces. Those who plan to sell their houses have more reason to hire a professional for installing or repairing patios. Based on the average cost for a 215-square-foot patio, your home’s resale value can increase by around $600 when it’s installed properly.

Alternative Materials

There are other commonly used materials for building patios in case you’re not convinced with concrete. You should be aware, though that alternative materials such as pavers and natural stone fetch for a higher price. Pavers for patios will cost $10 per square foot on average. These are bricks or cobblestone that can be bought in different styles.

Natural stone, or flagstone, cost an average of $15 per square foot. If you’re looking for a patio with a unique design, this will be the perfect choice as each piece has a plan that’s only one of a kind. Among the three options, flagstone will be the most expensive because of the higher cost of labor. A contractor can charge extra due to the complexity of installation.

Why Grading Is Necessary

concrete patio

Grading refers to a method of correcting the slope of land before adding a drainage system, especially when you want the patio to double as an outdoor kitchen. Stability will be the main reason for doing this, as the soil beneath a newly installed patio can sink over time.

You should always consult a professional to ask about the ideal depth and distance of grading in your land. In most cases, it should be done at least six inches per 10 feet away from your foundation.

While rates for building patios in Salt Lake City are more or less the same, you should try to ask for quotes from at least three different home builders to know the fair price. Choose a company that specializes in patio leveling if you only need repairs. If the cost of fixing it will cost more than 50% of the price for a replacement, then the latter should be your default option.

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