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Want to Make Your Furniture Last ? Know the Mistakes to Avoid

Perhaps you’ve never given your furniture much thought back when you still lived with your parents. You definitely didn’t understand what the fuss was all about whenever it got stained or even a little torn. Now that you’ve bought some with your own money, however, it makes you cringe just thinking about the many ways you can ruin it. This is especially true now that you’re all about sustainability, and you know how throwing out furniture needlessly impacts the environment.

Fortunately, keeping your furniture in good shape for several years isn’t a complex as you might believe. A good place to start is identifying the mistakes you’re probably making and remedy them at once. Here are five of the most commons ones that most homeowners are guilty of.

Neglecting the Manufacturer’s Instructions

With all the DIY installations you’ve watched online, you feel confident that putting together that table or chair won’t be difficult. You even have a new toolbox to guarantee your success.

The truth is that all your knowledge and tools fall short if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The manual you keep ignoring is key to making each installation so much faster and efficient. It will also give you the best idea of whether you put together a piece of furniture correctly, as that will impact how reliable and safe it is to use.

Imagine lounging on your brand-new couch, not knowing if it’s normal that the armrest is weighed down by your head. Worst, your kids could be playing on it when it suddenly comes apart. For your safety and that of your family, read the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin.

Forgetting to Clean Them

How often must you clean your furniture? That depends on different factors, from the material it’s made of to the traffic it receives. There’s also the matter of environment because some homes tend to accumulate dust more easily than others. This could easily trigger allergic reactions from you and your family members with each use.

The safe answer to this question, then, is this: clean your furniture regularly. More importantly, make sure that you do so properly. No matter how often you clean it, you won’t see a big difference if you don’t use the correct method and materials. For people who don’t have the time to do so, you can hire upholstery cleaners. Nearby areas have many reputable providers that you can tap for this job at affordable costs. This is especially useful if you’re a busy person and your furniture is made of delicate material.

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Moving Them Recklessly

If you’re thinking of relocating, consider hiring a professional moving company. It might mean allotting more money towards your big move, but if it guarantees your furniture’s protection, then it’s worth it.

Most furniture usually gets damaged during relocation, and the number one cause is improper handling. Doing the heavy lifting yourself can be stressful that you focus only on cramming your armchair in the truck as soon as possible. There’s also the fact that homeowners tend to neglect the proper protection for their furniture, making them more susceptible to tears, scratches, and stains on the way to the new house.

Professional movers are equipped with the protective materials necessary to prevent any damage to your furniture. They are also skilled in maneuvering objects in tricky spaces and ensuring that they won’t get damaged at any point in the move.

Forgetting to Establish Rules

Perhaps one of the biggest blunders people make is forgetting to set rules. If you live with kids and pets, this means teaching them what they can and cannot do while using certain furniture. If you live by yourself, it means working on bad habits that put your furniture at risk.

This can be as varied as not eating while on the sofa to refraining from putting heavy loads on a side table. Expect blunders now and then, and be prepared to rush towards the cleaning cabinet to prevent permanent stains. The more patience and practice you get, the easier it’ll be to keep your furniture clean and functioning well.

Enjoy Your Furniture

Making your furniture last long shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Caution is the magic word you need to remember, whether you’re setting it up, cleaning it, or bringing it along with you to a new house. Every small effort you put into it will amount to big things once you realize that your favorite couch has been with you for a decade. It can still look stunning in the long run.

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