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Five Landscape Ideas for Your City Bungalow

Landscaping can significantly improve the quality of your life. The sights and sounds of nature can have some positive effects on your mood. Something is relaxing and rejuvenating about green grasses, fragrant flowers, and shady trees.

You do not need a large space to have a beautiful landscape. With the right plan and design, you can create beautiful scenery to add life and beauty to your property. You can get some sand and rocks from landscaping companies for your urban garden. A lovely landscape is a beautiful addition to a city bungalow, which can increase your property’s curb appeal.

Here are some simple ways to create an impressive landscape, even with limited space:

Transform a drab and boring wall.

It is common for city bungalows to have small yard spaces. Take advantage of walls and boundaries with vertical gardening. You can also paint your fences with a coat of bright paint. Mount some potted plants in your walls such as pothos, baby’s tears, or hosta. Capitalize on fencing and optimize landscape space.

You can also make a living wall with succulents. Succulents grow slow and need little water, making them the perfect choice for vertical gardens.

Create small sections in your yard.

Create smaller sections of an already small space? Yes, it works. Break up the open area so it will feel much more extensive. You can use landscaping rocks or path walks to subdivide your yard. Planters, small walls, or other surfaces can also be used to create divisions. You can make several functional sections in your small yards, such as a seating or reading nook, a dining area, and a small playing area for the kids.

Use plant containers creatively.

You might have limited space in your front yard, but that does not mean you should leave it bare. Use plant containers to create a beautiful visual for your front yard. You can use large potted plants to frame the doorway of your home. Another idea is to convert plant containers into a water feature. Add some landscape rocks to seal the deal.

Frame those windows.

The key to small spaces is to use every inch available to you. Frame your windows with a window flower box. Once your plants start to bloom, you will have a beautiful piece of art in your home that will have passersby take a second look. They can bring beautiful colors and texture to your home. You can plant some pansies, carnation, primrose, petunias, and English ivy to create an inviting and cozy display. Mix and match flowering plants and some evergreens to achieve a colorful mix.

window with metal frame

Create a dramatic entrance.

Transform your front yard by dressing up your entry walkway. The front entry is the first thing that everyone will see and will give the first impression of your home. Guide your guests to your door with a clear walkway. Line it up with plants along each side. You can use potted plants, which are easy to maintain and can be easily switched around the yard. You can also use stylish lighting to give your entryway depth and character.

Create a focal point.

Create a focal point that will be the point of interest of your yard and draw the eye’s attention. You can choose a striking plant as your garden’s focal point: an unusual species, a cluster of colorful plants, an ornament, or a dwarf tree. A simple seating arrangement can also be the focal point of your yard. You can mix up unexpected elements to amp up your yard’s aesthetics.

Use hanging planters.

If you don’t have enough ground space for your plants, showcase them with hanging planters. You can hang them in your front porch to add color to your home’s facade. It also makes your property look cozier and more inviting. You can hang some lovely begonias, fuchsias, and petunias. Many other flowering plants can make your porch look vibrant and alive. Hanging plants can create a stunning visual for your home, even if you don’t have a front yard to work with.

Utilize tiered planters.

Tiered planters boxes are great for small yards and decks. It allows you to capitalize on vertical space and creates depth. They are ideal for herbs, succulents, and flowering plants as well. You can DIY your tiered planters box or have one made. You can even create a tiered planter with flower pots. Simply stack your flower pots and to create an inexpensive yet attractive garden piece.

With a little creativity and planning, your home can be a relaxing and restful place amid a bustling city.

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