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Want to Enjoy The Spa Experience at Home? Here’s How:

A day in the spa can rejuvenate the body. It can also restore the soul. Just reading can even renew your spirit. Imagining a day submerged in aroma-infused hot water can revitalize the life in you. And then the pandemic happened. All had to stay home.

Based on Statista, the spa industry in the U.S. boasts of more than 22,000 establishments. It’s currently worth 18 billion USD. It employs more than 365,000 people to provide you with all your relaxation needs.

With the ongoing pandemic, the spa industry is set to decline for the next five years. You’ve seen many spas close down. Aside from that, the demand continues to fall. Everybody just wants to stay at home and be safe against the virus.

What was once considered a huge part of your wellness routine has now become a luxury. You still need it though, right?

Juggling work from home, daily routine, family, and other activities, there seems to be no more time for yourself. A day at the spa is a bit out of reach at the moment. It’s best to be socially distant at the moment.

Don’t worry. You can still create your own spa at home. Yes, you can! This article will help you turn your bathroom into a relaxation oasis. It’s time to enjoy the spa experience at the comfort of your home.

Your home spa experience will be broken down into five essential elements.

  1. Key Equipment

Start off with the right equipment. Make sure everything is working just right. What equipment do you need anyway?

You’ll need a bathtub. Any type of bathtub would do. If you don’t have one, a conventional shower would be acceptable especially if it’s the steam kind. A good-sized shower head can also do the trick.

An electric vibrating massager is also essential in a home spa. You don’t have a massage therapist at home, necessitating your need for this machine. You don’t have to splurge on one. A portable handheld massager will be suitable.

And of course, it’s best that your bathroom is heated enough. During wintertime, the bathroom can get cold faster than the rest of the house. Your furnace should be working properly to ensure there’s enough heat in your spa. Get a furnace repair professional to check it out. You don’t want to add more damage in case it already has some problems.

  1. Mood

Set the mood right. One of the main reasons why people love going to the spa is because of the relaxing ambiance. Start by removing clutter in your bathroom. Limit the number of products on your bathroom countertop. Keep them on a shelf.

Prepare aromatic oils, candles, and incense sticks. Add some plants that can improve the quality of air in your bathroom. You can put areca palm, spider plant, snake plant, rubber plant, peace lily, aloe vera, or pothos in there. To complete your setup, play ambient music.

  1. Comfort Clothing

Wear something comfortable. Yes, please put on that bathrobe. And don’t forget your cushy slippers. A facial headband is also necessary. You’ll need it when you get your facial treatment.

Fluffy towels are also important in any spa setting. Prepare at least two big ones and a few small ones. If you’re having company, have a lot of towels ready.

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  1. Spa Treatments

You can’t call your little refuge a spa unless it has spa treatments. This will include facial and hair care treatment. You will also need a massage. Other options can include manicure and pedicure. For these treatments, prepare all products necessary.

For your facial, you’ll need facial scrubs, lotions, oils, masks, makeup removers, and moisturizers. For your hair care, prepare some shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and oil treatments. For your manicure and pedicure, you should have a kit with the necessary nail-cleaning tools.

  1. Sips and Snacks

At the end of your spa day, you’d want to sit back, relax, and enjoy some snacks and refreshments. Copy what spas and hotels do. Here are some samples:

For your snacks, prepare some cut vegetables with dips of your choice, sweet tea cookies, sandwiches, or homemade granola. For your drinks, you can have tea, coffee, smoothies, or fruit juices.

The good thing about a home spa is that you can customize everything. You can add anything that you believe will make your spa experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Another plus factor of a home spa is that you can freely include anyone. Make it a romantic experience. Add some elements such as chocolate fondue, rose petals, wine, and anything that your partner will love.

You can even enjoy your spa with the rest of the family. Include your kids and let them learn the joy of peace and quiet. If you have teenagers, you can teach them proper self-care early

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