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Creating Neater Work and Hobby Spaces at Home during Quarantine

With quarantine keeping us inside for days on end, boredom becomes inevitable. As a result, many people have decided to pick up some new hobbies or reignite their passion for old ones. May it be knitting, drawing, or writing, all these activities can keep you occupied as you pass the time. But these actually have another thing in common, and that is how they can all make a mess. Your house ends up full of yarn, pencil shavings, paper, or whatever waste your chosen hobby may produce. You might be thinking, what is learning and having fun without all the mess anyway? However, as time passes, these messes can get in the way of enjoying your hobby. It is always best to stay clean, especially during the quarantine.

The Benefits of Quarantine Decluttering

Decluttering comes with a lot more benefits other than ensuring sure that your home remains neat and tidy. First, it reduces stress and anxiety—and with the way things currently are, it’s always good to find any relief. A messy and cluttered work and hobby space does everything but give you relief, as it often wreaks havoc on the mind. It can even overwhelm and even irritate the senses, especially when you need to look for something in the clutter.

Second, staying neat and organized will actually help you in doing your work or chosen hobby better. A cluttered workspace results in a cluttered mind as well, often hindering your productivity. Neatening up can result in getting your creative juices flowing freely again.

Third, decluttering your work and hobby spaces can actually lessen the number of allergens (such as dust, pet hair, and pollen) in the area, which can accumulate in all kinds of places, especially when you do not clean often. Getting rid of excess clutter should help improve your home’s airflow, which is very important, considering the world’s current unique circumstances.

What You Can Do to Declutter Your Work and Hobby Spaces

woman workingWith that being said, what exactly can you do to declutter your work and hobby spaces? Here’s a quick list of simple things you can try.

  1. Make Use of Old Cans, Jars, and Boxes — You may notice some old cans, jars, and boxes laying around your home, with some even adding to the clutter you want to get rid of. But these can actually solve your clutter problems by serving as storage space for your items. For example, old cans can be used as pen and pencil holders, while jars and boxes can store hairstyling and knitting tools, among other things. All you really need to do is clean them out, but adding decorative paper will suffice if you want an extra hint of pizzaz.
  2. Label Everything — It is one thing to put something away, and it is another to know where it is. Therefore, simply labeling your new storage spaces once everything is packed into them can save you the future hassle of looking for them, leading to more clutter in the end. You can use a marker, paper, and tape, or you could spice it up a bit with some colored paper and pens if you’d like.
  3. Shelving — Once your new storage spaces are now packed and labeled, you can’t just lay them out on the floor. It would be best if you had specific places to put them that are easy to access, and that’s where shelving comes in. It not only serves as a way to keep your items arranged, but it also keeps things out of the way, and therefore less cluttered.
  4. Recheck Your Space — Every so often, it is good to recheck your space for any excess materials that can end up as clutter in the long run. If there are any excess materials, you can dispose of them or put them away as you see fit. You may also save some money by doing this since you’ll know what is exactly in your space, and lessen the chance of you overbuying when the time comes.
  5. Clean Regularly — Finally, this is the most obvious and most important way to ensure your space remains uncluttered. Make sure to set aside time to clean your space. This can be every day, every other day, or even just once a week. Whatever schedule you choose, what matters is you take time to dust things off and throw away anything unnecessary. Doing so will make sure that your space always remains uncluttered.

All things considered, a cluttered space is never a good thing when it comes to work and hobbies, and especially during the quarantine. It is always best to find different ways to keep your things tidy and out of the way. Following our tips can ensure that you can still enjoy your work and hobbies during quarantine without creating additional stress and additional mess.

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