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Top Celebrity Party Ideas

If you think that you have already seen some crazy parties, think again. Once you check out the celebrity lives, you will instantly find out that you are at a loss. The tinsel town sure knows how to make headlines in the leading newspapers with their crazy party ideas. You will find them doing the most extreme things, like throwing pajama parties or hat parties.

Some even go to the extent of flying to the Caribbean islands and partying on private islands. Renting a whole island can be a fun thing to do. Some celebs have even gone to the extent of wearing clothes made from gold and encrusted with diamonds. You can get some ideas from such parties and tweak them in your own way.

Read about the top party themes and spots, and get ready to party in the same manner next time.

Pajama Party

Now, you can plan the best pajama party for your birthday or anniversary. Get cozy with many friends and party till the wee hours of the morning. It is the female fraternity that can make such parties a hit. If your friends have kids, it is even better. Have a few activities ready, and that should include some crazy dancing, like the one with the ‘Chicken song.’ Organize makeovers, drinking games, and Truth or Dare. These are the top draws that such parties promise to deliver.

If there are kids, you should also set aside an arena for them and their kid activities. Board games and puppet shows are great for kids and keep them engaged. That way, they will not bore you, as well. You can also organize some activities that are suitable for all age groups. They are photo booths, movie screenings, and hide and seek.

Cruise Party

This is another party trend for celebrities that have been splashed in all dailies. Moreover, they are pretty happening. Get a boat rental overnight and party till your drop. This will be the most unforgettable experience for you. You can also splash in the waters that surround the vessel. The vessels are primarily anchored along the shore, which seems safe enough for all.

cruise party

You will often read about such parties as the cruise industry tries to pick up the party business. Birthdays, anniversaries, romantic escapades, you name it, and the organizers exclusively get it done for you. Celebs love to keep their privacy. So, there is no better way than to party amidst the sea or ocean.

Apart from sailing, you can also engage in water sports like snorkeling and diving with the winds blowing on your face. There are barbecue grills where the freshest fish gets roasted. You can take your healthy pick from there as well. That is what most celebs are doing today. Choose one package that suits you.

Comedy Club Party

Many celebs are partying at comedy clubs today. So, you can do that as well. Laughing till the morning should be on your agenda. At least, that is what most celebs are celebrating like now. Everyone loves a good laugh. If a friend loves sharing jokes, you can ask them to come on stage and share them. Most celebs love to hire comedy kings and queens. However, they do not come cheap.

Steal the idea and do it in your own way. Most comedy party venues do well with supplies from the local gag store. So, you can also check the supplies like whoopee cushions, fake vomit, and plastic lizards. Choose goofy things as props. You can also include joke books and chocolate mics from the local candy shop. People will love to have them while sharing a hearty laugh.

Hat Party

It is another one of those exciting parties that celebs love. They even send out invites shaped like hats. It is mentioned in the invite itself that everybody has to wear hats. The theme is perfect for Bachelorettes, ladies’ night outs, and birthday lunches. The cap, for sure, is the leading contender at such parties. Some even term it as the Fascinator party. It is one of the most trending accessories made famous by the British Royals.

You can also get one and flaunt it at the hat party. Such ornate hair accessories come with beads, net, faux wigs, and fancy trimmings. Hang hats at every nook and corner. It will give the best feeling in the town.

Party On Ice

You are right! It should be the best party in town, and it has got to be at the Ice-skating rink. Many celebs love to arrange film shows and premiers at such locations. The party is one of the hottest things that get covered. If it is summer, you can keep all the cocktails and mocktails to chill you. Additionally, dancing has to be one of the main activities here. So, hop in right now.

These are some of the trendiest parties that celebs engage in. You can also arrange a similar one for your celebrations. Get the show rolling.

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