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Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday Despite Social Limitations

In many cultures, birthdays are celebrated for the gift of life. We are thankful that we survived another year and are looking forward to the next.

It is, therefore, ironic if we spend this celebration of life while exposing ourselves to danger. We’ve been through some tough months because of the pandemic, but it’s not yet over. There may be fewer or even zero occurrences anymore in our locality, but we could never be too vigilant.

A birthday party is not safe right now, but it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. An intimate celebration with just the members of our households would be enough for adults. But if it’s for a child who’s looking forward to a birthday party every year, it will have to be something more than a good dinner. Birthday parties are important to kids because it’s time they get to eat treats, have fun all day long, and not get scolded.

We have here some ideas on how to throw a child’s birthday party with some simple twists that would make them happy even if their friends were not there.

Create decors with your children.

It is a fun way to bond with the children and, at the same time, make them feel proud on their special day. There are simple crafts that you could work on.

Origami is the Japanese traditional art of folding paper. According to tradition, if you could make 1,000 paper cranes, you could make a wish. Although you don’t have to make that many for the birthday, you can have fun learning how to do the cranes and other animals. Blow your own balloons and twist them into flowers. If you are into recycling, you could make plastic water bottles into small lanterns and hang them from the ceiling.

Go all out on the food.

Maybe the rest of the year you would restrict their food, but just this once, go crazy with them. Make the cake even more exemplary by having an ice cream cake instead of the usual one heavily coated in fondant. Bake chocolate cookies, and have a chocolate fountain. Although, of course, in the end, don’t let them eat everything. But give them enough to satisfy their sugar cravings for the day. Cook with them, let them enjoy the process. If it’s a burger they want, you could make home-made burgers that are fresh and are not full of harmful preservatives. Make your meal special.

Organize a surprise video call with their friends.

For sure, they had been doing calls and chats beyond school. But make it special by projecting it on a wall. Send out in advance some party favors to the children, so they can wear them or eat them while doing the conference call. You could also ask them to record messages in advance and show the video during the birthday party.

One advantage of video conferencing is that you are also not limited to friends and family in the immediate locality. Loved ones from anywhere in the world could participate in the party.

Allow the kid to movie binge for some hours.

kid watching television

Watch a show together. Nowadays, it’s rare for families to agree on the same show on TV. For once, watch their cartoon shows with them. Set up a large screen in the backyard and prepare a mattress under the stars. It would be fun, not just for the kid but for you as well. Make it like a mini camping event. It really should be a good family time.

Share to the less fortunate.

Finally, what the world needs right now is a young generation of caring and empathetic individuals. Make your child’s birthday celebration more relevant by giving to a cause.

As young as your kid might be, it would be great if he or she would already learn the value of generosity. Several charitable institutions need financial support at this time. Your child could pick what cause could be supported. Train your child to be concerned about others. Even if it is just a small donation now, what is important is for the child to understand where the money would be going.

Birthdays are special occasions for loved ones to come together. The restrictions for health safety should be seen as an opportunity for families to come together. For many years, many have relegated family time as the last priority; work and social events coming first. Perhaps the turn of events is a reminder for us that at the end of it all, we have our families with us.

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