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Boosting website traffic with Dental SEO

Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO is a system of techniques and strategies that work together to help your website rank higher on Google’s search results list to increase website traffic. Google is the most popular search engine across the world; however, dental SEO techniques work for all search engines. Dental SEO can help you achieve a top position on the results list without having to pay expensive fees. Google Ads is an excellent way of holding a top position on the search results list; however, it can be expensive to maintain, especially for small dental practices.


With dental SEO, you can reach the top of the results list and boost website traffic without having to pay for it. The organic search results list can be found just underneath the paid advertisements.

Firstly you need to find out about keywords. Keyword research will help you be aware of the dental issues that are most prevalent in your area and the fields of dentistry that people are interested in. In some parts of the country, more people may be interested in maintaining good dental health with preventive dental treatment, whilst others may be affected by dental health issues and looking for restorative dental treatment. Perhaps some may be looking to improve the appearance of their smiles and are more interested in cosmetic dental treatment. You need to find out what keywords are most popular in your area with regard to dental issues and interests so that you can place emphasis on these fields of dentistry throughout your website. This can help you rank highly on the search results lists for dental practices in your geographical vicinity and boost website traffic.

Know your competitors

To find out who your competitors are, you can type “dentist near me” into the Google search bar and find out which of the dental practices nearby are at the top of the search results list. You can then take a look at their websites and see what they have to offer so that you can enhance your website accordingly. This will help you reach a better position on the search results list and again boost website traffic.

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On-page SEO

There are different ways of enhancing your website. On-page SEO is very important for dental SEO; this means optimising your website. Keywords are one of the best techniques for improving on-page SEO; this means including keywords in the titles of the pages, in the subheadings, and in the meta description so that Google recognises that you have the answers the searcher is looking for. It is important that the contents are clearly labelled and that the website is easy to navigate. You must use a simple and clear layout and include images, videos as well as text for an excellent user experience. Links are also a good way of building on-page SEO, and it is important to make sure that all links are working correctly to boost user experience further. Speak to a digital dental marketing team today and find out more about on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO and technical SEO to help boost the position of your website on search results lists.

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