An Essential Guide to Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is always considered a place for total relaxation. It’s the one place in your house that can give you the alone time you truly deserve. Since it’s one of the most accessed rooms at home, a bathroom can be exposed to wear and tear. It can suffer from water damage, cracked tiles, stains, or mold. Sometimes, cleaning isn’t enough, and a full bathroom renovation is genuinely needed.
A project of this scale can be expensive and demanding, especially if you don’t have any idea where to start. To help you create a well-designed and functioning bathroom, here are ten suggestions to consider:

1. List everything down

List all the features you want to add and things to be changed. Make sure that essentials like toilet fixtures and shower enclosures are included. For design inspiration and ideas, you can visit websites, model houses, and showrooms.

2. Formulate a renovation budget

You need to know how much money is required to realize your dream bathroom. Start by shopping around for prices to give you a basic idea of what to purchase. Repurposing some old fixtures can also help you save money.

3. Ask an expert or established builder

Whether it’s a minor or significant makeover project, always consult an expert builder. These professionals can help you with planning, budgeting, and avoiding renovation mistakes. Make sure to always look out for licensed contractors.

4. Double your bathroom’s space with mirrors

Mirrors are essential bathroom accessories. They can turn a small and dull space into something bigger and brighter. Mirrors can also add to a bathroom’s overall aesthetic feel and appearance.

5. Consider all the available options on the market

When buying toilet fixtures, consider all available options. Not all home centers are fully-stocked, and it can take weeks before an order arrives. Independent and online suppliers can help you source what you need for your project.

6. A properly ventilated bathroom is an excellent place to relax

Prevent moisture buildup and mold by installing a good ventilation system. Installing an exhaust fan can vent moist air out, and bathroom windows should always remain open.


7. Build bigger and better storage for your bathroom

Maximize your bathroom’s space by building storage shelves. These will keep things organized and neatly stored. Wall-mounted cubbies can also be constructed to store frequently-used items like soap.

8. Choose the best and most durable tiles for its flooring

If you want to achieve a warmer atmosphere in your bathroom, weather-sealed wooden floors are highly recommended. They can offer a natural contrast to your bathroom’s ceramic tiles. Stone and marble tiles are also good choices since they are durable and water-resistant.

9. Design a bright and relaxing atmosphere through lighting

Since you are already renovating your bathroom, consider installing new lighting fixtures. Recessed lights over the shower is a good idea to set up the mood. A well-lit bathroom is always a relaxing one.

10. Don’t skimp on quality materials and add a little elegance to your space

Quality materials add elegance to your bathroom. Never skimp on quality. Buy fixtures that will define your bathroom’s new look. Buying cheap accessories will only cost you more money in the future.
We hope that this article will help you plan and create your ideal bathroom.

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