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6 Cruelty-Free Ways You Can Help Save The Planet

Climate change and global warming aren’t just defining the ‘issues’ of modern times, but it puts humans in a defining moment in history. That’s why nations need to take drastic actions to avoid getting stuck in a future with irreversible damages to the ecosystem and overall planetary climate. But as an individual, what can you do to pitch in and save the planet? You can do several things to help reduce greenhouse gases and your overall carbon footprint, reducing adverse impacts on the environment.

Here are some of the best and cruelty-free ways you can save the environment.

Conserve Energy

A great way to live a more sustainable life to save the environment is by conserving energy. You can do this by making your home more energy-efficient by using solar panels. If you have a business, having commercial solar power systems installed by professionals is a great way to make operations environmentally-friendly. Conserving energy through solar energy can help by deriving clean and pure energy from the sun, combating greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing fossil fuel dependence.

Don’t Use Shampoo with Toxic Chemicals

Although using shampoo is part of most people’s daily routines, using shampoos with harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates can pose a considerable risk to the environment. That’s because when you use the product, it often releases chemicals into the water supply as it goes through your drains. Sulfates and parabens can contribute to the acidification of surface water and soil, contributing to acid rand and fog that’s drastically damaging ecosystems, forests, and plants.

Go for Cruelty-Free Makeup

Being conscious of what you purchase and where you buy it will save you money and help you reduce waste while reducing your carbon footprint. One of the most notorious industries making a massive dent in the environment is the beauty sector, with several companies using animal products in their makeup lines. So, start living a less ‘consumerist lifestyle,’ and go for sustainable methods, helping you and the world.

Use Less Straws and Pet Bottles


The best way to go green and save the planet is by making the practice of wasting resources ‘unacceptable’ in every aspect of life. Keep in mind that all products you purchase have an environmental footprint, as most of them typically end up in landfills. The most notorious material that’s heavily polluting different parts of the world is plastic. Its impact on the oceans is becoming drastically clear, affecting marine and human life alike. You can do your part by using less plastic materials, such as straws and pet bottles—and if you do end up using them, consider upcycling them.

Recycle Paper

More than 40% of the planet’s commercially cut wood or timber get used for paper production, endangering several animals’ natural habitats while using tons of water, significantly impacting the environment. So, think back to your piles of bank statements, paper towels, junk mail, and your Christmas present wrap—and find ways you can recycle these items. One of the easiest ways to recycle paper is keeping them in a recycling bin in rooms where you use paper the most, such as beside your desk at your home office.

Drive a Hybrid Car — If Not Fully Electric

If possible, staying off the road around two days a week or more can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,590 pounds every year. However, not everyone has the luxury of time walking everywhere. That’s why if you can’t fully commit to changing your car driving habits, consider investing in a hybrid or electric car. These specialized vehicles are generally better for the environment, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their lifespan than petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

Saving and protecting the earth starts with you, and every action, no matter how small, can go a long way—and the practices mentioned are just a few things you can do to save the environment. Remember, taking care of the planet isn’t a ‘responsibility’ it’s a necessity. So, do your part.

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