4 Ways to Kill Time While Waiting for Your Flight

Few people enjoy being stuck at an airport with a long layover, which is why many travelers spend more on a direct flight just to avoid spending hours and hours inside an airport.

A three-hour layover is fine. Waiting for four to six hours is maybe acceptable. But sitting around in an airport for eight hours or more is excruciating. Whether you are on your way home or about to start a journey, you just want to keep idle time to a minimum.

Layovers can be a fun and productive time if you know what to do or where to go. For instance, Singapore airport accommodation is just like staying at a luxury hotel. You do not need to solve crossword or number puzzles to kill time. There are many ways to make the most of your layover.

Here are a few things you can do while waiting for your flight:

1. Exercise

There is no point in being shy at an airport. After all, you are probably never going to see the people there ever again. If you brought your own yoga or exercise mat, you can spend an hour or so doing light exercises or positions at the terminal. Some airports even have dedicated gyms or exercise rooms.

If you have access to a shower, you can even go for a quick jog around the terminal. Just be considerate of other people and do not block other people’s access.

2. Go out

woman at the mall

If you have a long layover (like 8-24 hours long), why not go out and see the sights. Airports are often connected to city centers with fast public transportation, so going back and forth should not be a problem except during peak hours.

You can go shopping for souvenirs or dine at a restaurant you have always wanted to try. It is best to have a quick plan before leaving the terminal. Stick to one area or attraction to save time. Do not forget to return to the airport at least three hours before your departure time.

3. Sleep

If you hate idle time, one easy way to make the hours pass by is to sleep. You could sleep on a bench or book a traveler’s room inside the terminal. International airports usually have dedicated lounges and rest areas for travelers to use.

If you want to spend the night at the airport, check with airport authorities about rules for overnight stay. You might have to book a room inside the terminal or even leave the airport.

4. Play games

Some airport cafes have board games that travelers can use. If you are traveling with family or friends, pass the time with fun games such as Jenga and Monopoly. You can also invite a stranger to a game of chess.

If you are alone, I suggest bringing a pack of cards with you everywhere. You can play Solitaire or invite others to a quick card game.

Spending time at the airport need not be tedious. With the right amenities and mindset, you can kill time in a fun and productive way. Of course, some methods work as well. You can always read a book or use the airport Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet.

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