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For First-time Homeowners: Home Improvement Tactics of Millennials

Millennials have a different taste when it comes to improving their homes. This is because they intend to increase their home value and aesthetics. On the contrary, 88% of Baby Boomers intend to renovate to make their houses more comfortable and convenient. This is in preparation for their plan of aging in place.

Are you looking forward to improving your home soon? Then you can use the following as inspiration to renovate like how millennials would.

Go for a minimalist design

Gen-Yers love posting before and after photos of their home improvements. If you check most of their posts, you will find that they are leaning towards minimalism. If they are not busy living in tiny homes, you can find them decluttering and removing distractions out of their home. Sure, they like beautiful things inside their houses, but they are upgrading their home by going for less. They go for minimalist homes due to many reasons, including their financial issues, love of experience, and sense of social responsibility.

Incorporating a minimalist style does not necessarily mean you need to sacrifice value and aesthetics. For one, why not invest in sectionals instead of bulky couches? These unconventional seats can be arranged in multiple ways, pleasing to the eye, and are also very practical. Go for sleek lines, unusual lighting fixtures, multiple textiles, and creative storage and kitchen solutions.

Say yes to green and sustainable living

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One of the things most millennials advocate for, that is green and sustainable living. According to a study, 75% are willing to pay for more sustainable products. This means they will support materials and goods that are good for the environment even if it will cost them more to do so. Thus, businesses are trying hard to commit and meet millennial’s demand for sustainable products.

To make your home more sustainable, go for sustainable materials like bamboo, wood, steel, cork, stone materials, and even refurbished materials when renovating your home. When painting your home a new color, choose low-to-no Volatile Organic Compounds instead. When dealing with pests, choose to do this the natural way and avoid chemical insecticides if possible. Don’t forget about adapting houseplants in your home as these can instantly liven up the space.

Welcome smart home tech

Generation Y is not afraid to invest in smart technology since they are already used with tech while growing up. Survey says 86% of millennials would pay more for a smart apartment. Making your home smarter makes it more eco-friendly, more convenient, and more valuable. This gives you more reasons to welcome smart home tech into your home.

You can do this by saying yes to connected doorbells, smart thermostats, and LED light bulbs. Invest in eco-friendly appliances. Don’t hesitate to dispose of your old ones. If you want a friendly robot to keep your floors clean, you can buy one of the popular robot vacuums in the market. The list goes on for the smart tech you can pamper your home with.

Based on this list alone, we can already draw a few conclusions as to what millennials value when improving their homes. They are into technology to make their life easier and more comfortable. They are into minimalism since they can save money from this style without sacrificing value and aesthetics. Millennials also care deeply or the environment, which shows in their way of choosing, buying, and decorating their homes. If you choose to go for the same upgrades, you can enjoy a beautiful, eco-friendly and convenient house that many millennials would approve.

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