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Style Refresh: What Does It Mean to Build a Pandemic Home

A home is a haven of comfort and safety. During this global health crisis, having a safe and comfortable home is more important than ever. Families need to have space where they can release their built-up tension from everyday news. This is also where families heal during this stressful time. However, homes are not all about comfort and safety. Homes should also be a space for style.

Interior design trends these days have shifted to accommodate the change in needs and preferences of the current population. Homes need learning areas, home offices, home gyms, and other “facilities” to suit the current lifestyle of the residents. It seems that families needed to change their lifestyles overnight as the pandemic and the quarantine period jolted our senses.

These days, homeowners should learn how to maximize their area to provide enough space for all family members and their pandemic activities. Maximize your home by designing according to your lifestyle. Simply adding an accent wall will spruce up your space significantly. Durable shiplap can add a dash of warmth to your home. It’s time to revamp your walls for a dose of style.

What Is a Pandemic Home

Since the onset of the quarantine period, many lifestyle changes had to be made, especially within the home. We have been isolated from other people since last year and this means that we have adopted new ways of living since then. Our everyday lives have been greatly relying on our home facilities to accommodate our needs. Kids have been learning from home, we have been working remotely, and our recreational activities have been limited. Given this, the pandemic home is one that is full of adjustments.

Setting up an environment that’s conducive to learning for kids has been a priority for parents. Since kids needed to start learning from home, they needed a good place where they can completely focus on their studies with minimal distractions. Likewise, parents needed to set up an efficient home office to continue being productive and professional during virtual meetings and calls.

As for recreational activities, some households needed to set up a home gym to provide them access to regular physical activity which is essential in strengthening our immune systems.

This is the definition of a pandemic home. Many changes needed to be accepted in terms of our lifestyles. While a lot of adjustments and sacrifices had to be made, there is still room for entertainment and style in the household.

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Pandemic Interior Design Trends

The quarantine period has paved the way for fresh interior design ideas. The shift in our lifestyles needed a reaction from our home interior. Hence, the interior design trends amid the pandemic were a result of our great need for personal space and a whole new look.

Here are some design trends that you might want to consider for your home:

Having an open space concept at home sounded good at first but once you have spent more than a year at home with your family, every single day may have slowly become suffocating. Re-establish your personal space by putting up walls to separate different parts of the house. This will allow the household members to have healthy private time as you all deal with the seeming dullness of pandemic life.

To go with your walls, you can opt for patterned wallpaper that is all the rage these days. A well-designed wallpaper can add an interesting accent to your personal boundaries that are the walls in your home.

Installing patios and decks can be a great addition to your home if you have enough space for it. Having an outdoor space in your home can serve as a breath of fresh air where you and your family can safely gather for meals.

Consider including these pandemic interior design trends in your home. As long as you consult your family with your decisions, don’t be afraid to move out of your style comfort zone. These changes could even benefit how you face everyday life.

Why You Should Redesign Your Home

Changing up our everyday landscape at home can be beneficial to our overall health. The daily routine of the pandemic has been taking a toll on our physical and mental health, and we need to do something before the negative effects completely take over. Research has shown that having new experiences is linked to our level of happiness.

Revamping your home to freshen up your everyday life can be a good decision, especially if you and your family have been feeling down lately. Spicing up your home might be just what your home needs to bring back the life of the party.

Your home should make you feel comfortable and safe. Apart from this, being stylish at home wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it can even improve your quality of life amid this crisis.

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